🏆 12 Million Coin - 2D Art Competition! Sponsored by Portal Seekers!


@fuzzylkd should respond eventually. For EU people it might be best to meet him on the weekend, because of timezones.


:+1: Thanks.


OP has been updated with the list of judges:

Thank you everyone that asked to help with judging. I did my best to select judges that everyone would be happy with.

Also a reminder: The last day for applications is Monday the 12th, and the competition ends a week after that, so sign up and get building before it’s too late!!!


Thank you for this contest! I strolled though the entries, it was amazing! I’m glad I didn’t enter, I could not compete with this talent.


Reminder to applicants: You can check your assigned beacon slot here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1j5uMHguyTBG4156CP86MsZt73jdXAyECm0TZu_D95qo/edit#gid=0
This is updated and current as of right now

To all those who are still awaiting beacon assignment, I am fully available today and tomorrow (w/ brief moments of AFK).

PS4 Players: There are 10 of you who are PS4 players and we must meet up in order to friend each other. If you are one of these people and are able to PM me here or contact me on Discord, we can work together to schedule a meeting if we’re in vastly different time zones.

PC Players: There are 9 of you who are PC players who either did not provide a steam handle, or did and it cannot be found in the search for whatever reason. If you are a PC player who signed up and have not yet been assigned a beacon, please generate a friend link in steam (see my post above about how to do this) and get it to me either via PM here or discord.


Bump because last chance to enter people!!


Last day for applications tomorrow! Apply Now! One week left to build!


I got to say…
The Judging walkways are too close to the art…

I find it best to walk on top of the artworks themselves for a better viewing angle

so you might want to reconsider where they’re placed…


If you change your FOV to max you can see the art a lot better from the bridge


I think mine might need this or a grapple half way down. Too much chisel work on it


4 days left to build… focus meatball! puts on pants, grabs chisel and runs


Are you telling me… some people /don’t/ play with FOV maxed? :scream:

I kinda wish the FOV slider could go even wider. XD

Writing this here instead of in a second reply… Yesterday I started on my build, and today I finished it. Hah. Talk about last minute. I wish everyone the best! There is some really good artwork entered!


i’ll consider trying to widen my FOV… though i’m usually wary of these kind of changes.

In any case: it’s the height of the artworks that’s the problem, not the width.

well… i suppose that since they’re square it might be both for some people…


You can also bring a grapple and cling to the one on the other side (except the end rows):


Amazing work Hazir, yours is my favourite!


Last day to build! Work work work! I’ll be sending out info for the judges later today.


Hey, I prepared a pixelart like a month ago and didn’t have time to participate. Can I join now? And how much time left? 32x32


Sadly applications were closed last week. If you didn’t apply before then, I can’t help sorry. I need to keep it fair for everyone. Don’t worry. PS will host more competitions in the future :slight_smile:


@Karokendo if you filled an application in sure you can pull an all nighter, but i believe entries are closed

Edit: argh just too late :yum:


Nooooo :sob: :sob: