🏆 12 Million Coin - 2D Art Competition! Sponsored by Portal Seekers!


dats pretty.
im glad i don’t have to compete with it :wink:


Hahaha @Hazir you chicken?!
Oh nope, u wildstock :star_struck:


Judges have been notified and will start tomorrow. Good luck everyone!


So many awesome submissions…why are you all playing videogames and not getting paid to create pixel art? :heart_eyes:


Haha tell my wife that. She wont open a merch or etsy shop even after all my prodding


is the judging done? will yall be posting results in game or here?


Think some of the judges may be from the US so will probably have to wait until the end of the day to allow for time zones.


Still waiting on a couple judges. Hopefully will be done today. The results will be posted here among other places.


I’m very excited! I enjoyed the competition and worked hours to get my art done. Now I’m hoping I’m one of the 30 lucky ones. But the competition is fierce! So many beautifull things you’ve made! :star_struck:


So excited. There is so much talent this time around. Good luck all.


Goodluck everyone!
there are alot of very beautiful entries. I’m glad to have taken part.


Looking forward to seeing who wins. Plenty of first-place worthy entries!


Oh the suspense… can’t wait!


And the winners are…


No one. They ran out of money and had to spend it on oort… :neutral_face:


I will post the results tonight for sure. Sorry for the delay, we had some hurdles to overcome. Almost there I promise =D


updated OP with results

EDIT: fixed typo on Prome3us’ reward


First reply! And missed the podium finish! But it seems i got 8.8mil… maybe needs a “balance” lol

Edit - good nerf there :rofl:


There were so many amazing entries!


Next job. Refine my skills and build variations in my cities :slight_smile: