🏆 12 Million Coin - 2D Art Competition! Sponsored by Portal Seekers!


Yeeey :-))


Good job to all builders! Hope we can have some more participants in the next event as well :smile:


Also I put the top 10 names in-game:


Congrats to the winners!!!


I just hope you could tell what mine was. Needed a bigger space for it really



Well… guess it was a free 200k.

Congratulations to the winners.


Still couldn’t figure out yours. Great work though and congrats! I think imho opinion that the walkways need to be higher/spaced apart for next comp


It’s a three headed snake if that helps


We judged from the platform using maxed FOV, so we were mostly good! I did grapple to the opposite side for a couple.


To all those who took the time to admire all those who participated, players who came to admire the wide variety of artist, and to the judges I’d just like to say:


Wow! There were so many awesome submissions. It was a lot of fun to watch everyone’s art as it progressed over time. Can’t wait to see more works in future contests.:two_hearts: Thanks Portal Seekers!


Happy to have made it to top 10. And 300k coins are for a (relatively) new player a little fortune. I can already picture myself with a nice AOE hammer :smiley:
So thanks a lot. Looking forward to the next challenge…


Prizes have been distributed. Go get your cash!!! Updated OP with the same.


Oh my… I’m in the top 10 :heart_eyes:
I really really want to say thank you to PS to organise this very nice contest. I enjoyed it very much! Big applause for you guys :clap::clap::clap:


Grats all!!


Many thanks to Portal Seekers for organising this competition and for the prizes! Congrats to all the other winners!


I went to visit the competition site today (I confess to not having done so before now :disappointed: )

I was amazed by the amount of entries and creativity. I am glad I didn’t have to be judge because I wouldn’t have to able to choose. Congratulations to all!

Also thank you PS for organising this. I can imagine it was a bit of a logistic nightmare.