2018 Release Status

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@james So, since the october-november 2017 devlog, we have gotten little to no information on the progress of this game. I have searched for hours on a time relevant answer and have found nothing close to it. I realize i am not going to get an exact answer, and i am not looking for one; but a time frame would be nice. Is the alpha 1.0 of Boundless closer to a 2018 date or 2019 date? or do you have any information on when the next devlog will be released? sorry for being so direct with this thread, it’s just that the subject just hasn’t been touched this year, and all of the information online says you are still aiming towards a 2017 release, which has already passed. Thank you for being great Devs, love the game, i’m excited to see where it goes!

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A Weekly Devlog update and Testing Release notes are both overdue. I’ll try and get them out first thing tomorrow.


not to be a b again but approx 6 > 8 months ago, we were rumored that 1.0 would be dec 17 > jan 18 so by that i assume we are close?

I own enough EA/In-dev games to allow deadlines to be missed now so im not holding it against you :wink:


I appreciate the fast reply, thank you!

I can’t imagine we’re anywhere near 1.0.


@Graham-B I think we are supposed to be getting a 6-month warning before release… So probably not January :yum:


@Graham-B @willcrutchley it also seems that there are still many features that the devs are trying to add to ensure the game is ready for retail. I would rather waitthen for them to try meet a hard deadline only to have plenty of missing features like other game devs do. Cough hello games cough looking at you.


Yeah, I was just saying that the release won’t be soon, not having a go at the devs at all :slightly_smiling_face:


You so pushy man give em a rest hahaha unpatientwill :wink:

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I’m really hoping to hear something about the PS4 release. I’ve been following this game for such a long time and i’m so desperate to play but the price is just to high for me to buy it on PC for it then to come out on PS4 a month later.

Really great work with this game guys its beautiful, not that you need me to tell you that though!

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As promised 1:


No PS4 news though :frowning:

you tha man! :pray:


I agree with you. i was just explaining that there was an official rumor that things would be happening sooner… and as i also understand, there are always hold ups… there are more suggestions whic are thought about being added to the game… because of this the devs need to implement them/test them/release them… and etc…

for once i was not being a git with the way i was intending my above comment :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, no worries guys. I was just trying to make a fun, witty remark against that other game that failed to contain it’s hype and made false promises. :stuck_out_tongue:

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ahh i thought i recognized the HG comment :wink: lolol

Ps4 development is synchronous to pc development. Its just that playstation doesn’t technically support an early access model.
1.0 release will be on pc and ps4 on the same day. Again there will be a 6 month warning


@ctrl-64 So maybe its worth diving in and getting the game on Mac? I want to have the best experience but cant afford a decent PC so was waiting for the PS4 version

My specs if anyone can offer an opinion on how it would run:


Id hold off on the Mac, both my wife and I play on mac’s and while the game ran perfectly smoothly before, after the last couple updates its basically unplayable on her MacBook air 2013, very laggy on my iMac 2015, and doesn’t run at all on my MacBook Pro 2017. You might be lucky and have no issues but theres quite a few mac users on the forums having major problems.


Could you quickly try the Testing release? And let use know if it improves any of your Macs? There are a few little things in there that might have helped.

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