2023 Boundless State of the Universe

Hello. I’m Auto, a long-time vet of Boundless. I recently took a 2 year break and have returned to find my favorite game…well, dying.
Portals are drying up left and right. Shops are empty 80% of the time. Those of us left are struggling to support our communities and sell goods to a microscopic population.

And by the way, what is Monumental doing???
Getting familiar with the code? While the investment (game) they just acquired is bleeding player population? No small announcement to keep current players on the line, nothing at all? No attempt to try and increase revenue to support operating costs & updates? I can’t ignore the signs anymore, and @Monumental has done nothing with their new game besides study it. So, I have 2 messages I’d like to broadcast.

  1. Please keep playing. The more players we have, the better the game works.
  2. @Monumental, get with it. We deserve to know the fate of our game! Unless you came to strip the game for parts, you’re tanking your investment.

I encourage ALL Boundless players to ask @Monumental what is happening to our game on social media (including the forum) daily. Help protect & inform our community!

There is still hope, but not without action. I have always loved the Boundless community. Let’s ensure it continues to thrive together.

<3 Auto


Monumental is building a team to resume development and, while it is very slow coming and still several months off at least, we should take them at their word on this.


I think this game has been “dying” for 5 years

i haven’t been on lately at all, i was just visit the site to see if its still online

This game has struggled for a long time, its a real shame, it had sooo much potential and so much creativity poured into it

I think in many ways its far better than minecraft, but in some ways its lacking…

i think i’ll log in and explore around again, don’t know if i’ll lay down roots though


I understand that it’s going to take a while to get settled and things can’t change over night.

I think what concerns Auto is that we haven’t had much communication from @Monumental.

I too, like Auto, left for two years and came back when I found out Monumental was taking over. I was so excited to come back and see old friends and make new ones.

What I’m looking forward to mostly at this point is regular updates from Monumental letting us know what their goals and timelines are.

Are big things happening or are they just trying to keep the lights on at this point?

Could we start to see changes in the next three months or could it be another year before anything big happens?

Will we start to see any advertising or sales to bring in new players?

Will there be any new content added in the future?


Would be nice when Boundless is in better shape and the big hit but we are not there yet.

Taking ownership of the many parts. Some can be checked that now show Monumental:


Maybe the devs can give a monthly tiny update on the progress and how the transfer is going, this way the community gets updated a bit too, I do know that the professional way is just by email , as most devs do not interact with players directly or on the forums. Which can be a good thing. However…Boundless has been different and we grew up with the old school ways, it’s also good for us to accept the new changes and move on.


They are still going through the legal process of gaining full ownership, that unfortunately takes a while and i don’t blame them for not yet hiring a team to develop for a game they don’t have full ownership of yet. This game wasn’t developed in the US, but i believe monumental is a US company, I’m sure that slows things down too.

If all goes well maybe they will have full ownership by the end of this year, and they could have a dev team assembled by summer of the next, then a first update in time for holiday 2024… Sure that is ages from now.

I think some quarterly communication about the current state of things and what the next steps are would be sufficient, (which btw they have at least done that much with their communication on the forums if not more frequent already).

I was playing a fair bit more a month or so ago, and was enjoying myself. I started some projects but didn’t finish any. I have a lack of motivation to pour too much time into a presently static “live service” game. Which i think is just the unfortunate present state of things. We lurk, and complain, come back, and leave, all because we really love this game and wish for something better for it, which i believe is what monumental wants too


I don’t have any figures to go on, but I’ve seen more activity around my main base on Finata recently with new players building bases and I usually see players about the main network hubs on my travels. My sovereign planets attract a varied bunch of players on a daily basis. I don’t think player numbers have changed that much, to be honest, in the last couple of years and I think once Monumental get properly up and running we’ll see players coming back again, and also new players.



that you can still play, you dont have to wait till transition complete to be able to log isnt enough ???

Monumental told us already that they need at least a year to complete transition before they will be able to start developing

noone force you to play

dont want to wait? play something else but stop complaining here


Boundless - Steam Charts
steam players


its true, every time running thru TNT portal i see few players roaming around, several players at hunt time running to respective portal, no matter which time i loging on, never seen empty TNT hub :smiley:


Fo·rum /ˈfôrəm/ noun

*** 1.a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged:

Auto has every right to address their concerns here in this public forum and you don’t have to be ugly about it.


That’s pretty neat, never seen the Steam Charts before. Thank you for sharing that.


They said that it would be a year MINIMUM before they could even begin to start development. Until they get ownership fully done and get all the permissions changed over, they can’t do any kind of development. And once that’s done, they still have to assemble a team, get them familiar with the code and the game mechanics. That takes time.

This right here. Patience is a virtue. You can either wait patiently or go play something else. No one is forcing you to stay.

He’s being honest. If you can’t handle honesty, that’s not our problem. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


though this is steam only and doesnt count Playstation players still neat to see steady players some take a break for a month or two and you see that aswell

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Nothing to add really to this conversation. It’s the good old thing we have here on the forum every now and so often. Like many said already, the game is still in transition mode. After a team needs to be build and they most likely still need to get even familiar with all game mechanics, codes etc. That will take still 1-2 years until we see new things coming. Many people go on a break because they want new stuff. It’s not that many people being disappointed about the communication. What do they want to tell us repeatedly? That they do ant steps? That unmotivates probably more than the silence about their transfer progress.

We are lucky, that we got them more active again. Does it feel like it? Probably not for everyone. But I know that before monumental took over some people waited long for assistance.

Though, their hands are tied still to do the full work.
The issue is again the transition isn’t yet completed, so if players for example from Playstation experience problems, it can be that they need to wait it out until Playstation datas got also transferred.

If the game is running smooth for you and you enjoy yourself, then just play. If you dont enjoy yourself or the issues in game you experience unmotivate you to play, then take a break. Better times are coming. Sometimes there’s no more than waiting things out and staying positive.


this is the same thing a lot of us have been asking but some players in the community keep trying to shut it down telling us to wait longer like we have not been waiting for a long time already for anything

Just waiting for the wipe. Sure it’ll be soon don’t worry.


how are they going to wipe paid planets i dont think players pay for losing every thing they have on those planets

Before the wipe discussion takes off