2nd GTG Marathon HUNT

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On behalf of the GTG UnderWorld; the Hunt Leaders, I want to formally invite all players to our Community Event/Challenge AGAIN!!! NEW YEAR, means a NEW MARATHON, RIGHT??

We will be hosting a 12Hr Marathon Hunt on Friday January 29 at our Normal Hunt Start time of 6:30pm Est and we will end on Saturday January 30 at 6:30am Est!

We will be running the Entire T6 Planet Network, so 8 planets in 12Hrs! We will take mini breaks(to empty inventory) between each Planet.
Last turnout we had was amazing with almost maxing out our first planet with 76 players so lets see if we can match that!
We will have Plenty of prizes and giveaways to look forward to with more details to come. You know how we do things at GTG! We aim to have a great time and get lots of loot from this Marathon!!

We at GTG are really excited about this and look Forward to giving back to this awesome community some cool prizes and hanging out with everyone!

Please feel Free to join our discord for further details and to hang out with some awesome people!!

More Details to come as we get closer to the event, but for now…clear your calendar. You wont want to miss this!!


I’ll get forging some maxed out stuff for you guys to give away :smiley: :smiley:


Your awesome Bro!


yaay! get the hype going!
i’ll donate some holiday candies for your giveaways!


Aw, might not make it. I’ll donate some prizes though!

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Appreciate the donations!!

Thanks man!! But no excuses, you have a month to change your plans to make it lol

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Haha sorry man but it is what it is can’t change my plans

Haha it’s all good, just messing with ya =)

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Kinda figured haha

Thanks Foxxy, but this time around we are keeping all prizes and winnings focused around Hunting =)

@CaptAmerica1611 does IT include forging Mats too ?

Yes I think I could include that. We could have giveaways and prizes being forge mats =)

Just refreshing the post here! We are down to the 10 day countdown mark for the 12 HR marathon!

We have been busy over at GTG trying to get prepared as we get ready to start our 2nd 12Hr Marathon event. This time around we have brought it close to the date of our GTG 1year Anniversary!!! And our fearless, infamous leader @NickkThatsGood want’s it to be big!

This community has been great to GTG so we are looking forward to giving back again to this awesome community with some awesome prizes. Prizes this Event are geared towards hunting and Forging giveaways as well as Gleam Club! Last event we made two individuals millionaires. This event, well we are at least going to double down on that! That’s right! Do the math, 4Million at least up for grabs for grand prize giveaways. That’s Crazy right! Better clear your schedule,and build up that stamina to last the long haul for that :wink:

We looking forward to this event. We also have news coming soon about the future of GTG hunts and look forward to sharing that as well. Our fearless Hunt Leader @DeViLiShBeCkS has been working hard on that and we will be excited to share that soon as well!

Let’s go peeps and get ready for another amazing Marathon!
Counting down days!


Let me know what we can do to help out!!!


Spread the Word to BT to come on out and have a good time!


I’ll put signs out in the hub closer to the day :smiley:


Bumpety bump


Everyone ready to kick some wildstock butt?


Will try to make time to join in for at least a few planets. This was a fun event last time around!

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