3D Boundless Items I've made


I’ve made this chisel in 3D thinking of makeing all the tools / items or just some of them and make a little rotation animation of them / trasparren background :slight_smile:




you can make this in world builder?


no ide I make it in a 3D Program called Blender :slight_smile: so all handmade


wow it looks nice, it must took you so many hours.


the item takes around 2 hours but can take longet if I want more detail and a gif / animation takes 2 - 4 hours to make :slight_smile:


My take on the shop stand :smiley:


Looking good Dulki!


I always have soft spot in my heart for chisels :blush:


thanks man <3 plannig om making itmems that spin around on it


wanna make every tool at one point :smiley: when im not building too much in game xD


Official boundless models not made by me ^^ But still awesome to be able to make backgrounds with xD


Thats’ cool…


Omg I suck at walk / general player animation -.- 3 hours in atm and im only starting to get a little controle over it xD


meh not the best there can be alot improved


It’s looking great! To make the process a little easier for you, you should consider copy pasting mirrored key frames from the animations best side. Also! I obviously can’t see your rig, but it doesn’t look like you are using IK which can be beneficial in some situations, but it adds another layer of complexity. You should look up inverse kinematics when you get a chance! :slight_smile:


yea I did try to morror it but it broke the mesh when trying for some reason :confused: first time working with bones :smiley:


Idk if the meshes actually have their bones implemented. Did you get those? @Simoyd


I would think that the meshes do not have the bones. I don’t think they are used for anything. Like, for ragdoll physics or something.