3D Boundless Items I've made


the files dont have them I think well I dont get any when I import them to Blender


I’ve seen them in the game files and I think I have them on my dae converter on the Boundlesscrafting.com website. I’ll check when I get home tonight


We’re all noobs at one point! I’m not that great myself, but I’ve tried spending a lot of time watching tutorials then applying it. I think it’s awesome that you’re using boundless to learn. You’ll get better in no time!


yea I know it took alot of time just to get okay at making objects im far from great I think but im just okay xD and it can be frustrating at times in makeing and learing ^^
But still love that I can make wallpapers and backgrounds^^


I am trying to learn Blender as well. It seem to be a pretty sweet program. I started playing with Lightwave and used Maya in school. So I have a pretty good grasp on how it works in theory. But I realize that it will take some time before I get used to this program. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, so I was converting the bones as well… but it appears my conversion script needs a little bit of work in that area :joy:


What did you do to that poor guy… lol. Looks to be torturing him.


I am more interested in seeing his body flail around with the animations :stuck_out_tongue:


This was one of my first attempts at a slingbow…

Nailed it, right?


yea that looks right… or something xD


Better than I could do!




that’s one that lost its durability


I reckon that would hurt if you throw it at someone :wink:


sure doesn’t look like you can shoot with it - attempted slingbow turns out to be a lance?