3D Boundless Items I've made


the files dont have them I think well I dont get any when I import them to Blender


I’ve seen them in the game files and I think I have them on my dae converter on the Boundlesscrafting.com website. I’ll check when I get home tonight


We’re all noobs at one point! I’m not that great myself, but I’ve tried spending a lot of time watching tutorials then applying it. I think it’s awesome that you’re using boundless to learn. You’ll get better in no time!


yea I know it took alot of time just to get okay at making objects im far from great I think but im just okay xD and it can be frustrating at times in makeing and learing ^^
But still love that I can make wallpapers and backgrounds^^


I am trying to learn Blender as well. It seem to be a pretty sweet program. I started playing with Lightwave and used Maya in school. So I have a pretty good grasp on how it works in theory. But I realize that it will take some time before I get used to this program. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, so I was converting the bones as well… but it appears my conversion script needs a little bit of work in that area :joy:


What did you do to that poor guy… lol. Looks to be torturing him.


I am more interested in seeing his body flail around with the animations :stuck_out_tongue:


This was one of my first attempts at a slingbow…

Nailed it, right?


yea that looks right… or something xD


Better than I could do!




that’s one that lost its durability


I reckon that would hurt if you throw it at someone :wink:


sure doesn’t look like you can shoot with it - attempted slingbow turns out to be a lance?


Thinking of making them rotate then stop one of them and show all info for it like where to get and stuff


Well with the raw once insted


That makes more sense, right?
And they look more interesting than refined, me thinks.


Did you take the actual colours from the game? if so then the lighting is making them weird… if not, take the actual colours!!


no used the irl colours for each gem but still playing with it but where thinking the same thing