4 Plot Challenge (Also know as inspired by Buugi)

So as to not derail @Buugi Smaller Builds Post…

Lets have a 4 Plot Challenge. Rules are as follows:

  1. 4 plots in any connected arrangement.
  2. Must have 1 of each machine fulled coiled (chrysominter and pigment processor not included)
  3. Must have 1 crafting table
  4. Must have 1 furnace,
  5. Must have 1 beacon,
  6. Must have 1 spark generator connected to all machines
  7. Must have at least 10 storage (whatever kind you want)
  8. Must be functional (not just placed into the 4 plots)

Bonus 1 - Prestige for entire build closest to 20,000
Bonus 2 - Highest prestige for entire build

Post pictures here by say 12:00PM UTC time on September 27, 2020. Edit - Changed date.

Hope to see lots of entries.


Very short amount of time to do this. Especially with the birthday stuff that should be going on

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Literally, can you do this?

Assuming you just mean the ‘traditional’ 6 machines none of the pigment or minter stuff fully coiled, a fully coiled machine still takes something close to 5x5x3 ish voxels and with spark links more.

I’m not sure if the other gear you specified still leaves rooms for walls and a walkway in 4 plots.

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I am open to any suggestions. Yes I did mean the “traditional” 6 machines. I’ll extend the date.

I also have no idea it it can even be done.

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Did you include a fully coiled chrysominter and pigment processor? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :laughing: :sweat_smile:

When I’m on the test server & I need to create a settlement asap, I just plop down a couple of rows of oort blocks in a single plot.

Definitely answers “Literally can you” :smile:


Well if it is that easy maybe we don’t need to do it. Sad I thought it would be hard to do. Oh well.

I think you’d need more than 64 block spaces :thinking:

I was like “I don’t see 10 storage” but yeah, that’s a lot of copper chests :grinning:

As said In previous post… Anyone can just lay machine and such without having To worry about the looks.

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Nop sorry have to skip this can’t do small not enough room😁.

I start with an out house and end up with a villa.:joy::rofl::joy::rofl:
One mor plot there, there, there and there well just plot all of that to :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

[edit] kind of feel like Dk’s one hour challenge :joy::rofl::joy:.


Yeah the goal was to put everything into 4 plots and make it look good and be functional. Obviously we see it can be put into one plot.

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How many coils is “fully coiled”, and why? If this is a minimalism project, I think that should be defined as the minimum to unlock all recipes on the specific machine.

I’m relatively new to the game, so I don’t know all the power requirements.

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24 is max per machine. The idea was to see if you could put them all in 4 plots and have it be functional and look good (obviously an eye of the beholder term). You can do what you want. This was just a set of rules to use for the challenge.

Gotcha. I can’t enter anyway because thats about double the coils I own.

Just saying that mixing the “minimal setup” spirit of the original inspiration with “let’s max this out” feels weird to me.

Good to know 24 is the max though, I’ll plan for that in my factory.

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Was really hopeful to see some minimalist builds for inspiration - not necessarily 4 plots exactly but something really small and humble.

While mega projects give you something to do and are majestic, they often cause those of us with not-so-large stamina to just give up midway. Also, putting your heat in and detailing a smaller build is way easier.

To the devs, i hope some small improvements can be done to enable people to have multi machines setups and a farm with a decent-enough produce (to even sell as a business) without having to have a mall for a house :smiley:. Maybe super expensive but efficient soil blocks and expensive machines with built-in coils? Idk.

Ffs… Do i have seriously Come from my break and do some poop.

Here is my entry.


Well so far you are the only entry.

I like the safety shield. I never put one up…just take the damage when I run in to it.

Would like To see how it looks outside.
COOL setup tough