"5 minute fix" world visuals


I created a topic about this some time ago.
To me world appearance is very important, unfortunately many worlds look very bad with current lighting and atmospheric settings.

Permamently changing colors can raise some controversy and people would be disappointed, but there is a solution to this. Atmospherics 2.0 toggle.

Let me just explain, main reason why I’m proposing this is to improve new player experience and general visuals of the game to make it more attractive to new audience.

So world settings probably look like typical JSON config. There could be another section alternative with custom hand selected visuals (by devs). Players could toggle it if they like them or disable and stick with old ones.

So with this option instead of bad looking worlds we would get some very cool looking.

Examples of worlds with poor atmospherics:

Examples of worlds with cool atmospherics:

clouds, fog and bloom ftw!

random world gen is not always good…

some suggestions were previouly raised in this topic: Improving Graphics Rendering

also there is a good response from james on this topic james response

I’m just proposing some other alternatives


Personally, I prefer those more earth like tones as in the first few pics, cause sometimes, world atmosphere can be a bit too much. Like on gloviathosa. But, I still think this is an excellent idea!!!

+1 from me!


Still agree with the issues, like the idea to get something in quickly.

In addition to agreeing and the old issues we’ve gone over in other threads… I had a look at some screenshot threads from the exoplanets (seeing as I can’t get on myself to explore) and I really noticed the atmospheric fog. Most of the shots looked like the game was emulating the effect of older games where they’d add fake fog to hide the short distance they could afford to render. I know Boundless can look better than this, seems such a shame to add an exciting new feature and new worlds and then they all look grey sludge further than 50ft away from the camera. :confused:

Something, anything, soon would be appreciated.


i prefer more natural lighting myself. these pink worlds kill my eyes. actually most of these worlds kill my eyes. I walk away in a daze… Let us turn off the weird lighting


I also prefer the “earth” lighting. A while back I decided I’d move my base to a t3 planet, but then this one is way too red, so is this one, and that one, and the next one, etc. It would be nice if they could go less crazy with it, and let the blocks speak for themselves on some of the higher planets.


To be honest, I feel the devs have some sort of fascination with pink and purple and I want to see other colours other than pink and purple on these planets. There’s literally a whole spectrum of colours but we seem to see mostly pink and purple on anything not T1 or T2.

My favourite planets are ones like Trung and Alder for looks, maybe Merika because it’s actually unique, but I also like Boori because it’s literally the only blue planet (also unique).

As far as atmospheres go, some new players might want a different kind of planet other than an Earth-like planet, but a lot are also going to want an Earth-like planet (as evidenced by even this thread so far). Perhaps a solution might be to offer newbies the option of either but, if that’s not the case, the safe bet is as it is now in terms of newbie experience in my opinion. I know if I was a newbie and I started on a world like the ones you describe as being “better”, I’d be looking for every opportunity to get off that planet. lol


If i remember correctly, the atmosphere color is based on world type and not random at all. :thinking:


I don’t agree. The rng generator work great. It generates earth tone worlds which are my favorite and then generates harsh, blindingly pink worlds that I absolutely hate but have to go to fore specific color blocks. In this case I don’t think a toggle is the way to address this, as I don’t see it as a problem to address.

Just like in space some worlds are bland and some worlds are just totally cool to look at and explore or we’ll think about exploring.