5 skill sets

With the additional skill sets just announced, do players feel willing to give up their alts, if it should ever be implemented as game balancing?

Personally, I’d be willing as long as all plots were transferred to one main character. Not fussed about the lost SPs.

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Yes, completely!

Bring on the alt cull :fist:


It would be interesting to see how they did this. If I have 4 alts and they are all level 25. So they give me 1 character with 100 levels? Do they have to find a way to refund players that paid for cubits used to buy an alt?


need more than 5 skills set to give up alts, imo


No lol

I leave my crafter in my base at all times. When a craft finishes i can log into my alt, que up the next craft, then log back into my main


Maybe reduce the number of alts to 4 max per account?

So 5 chars in total?


There are still uses for skill sets.
Some do share account in same household and you can play on PS4 and PC same time under same account if I have understood right :slight_smile:

To me extra skill sets sound cool and same time too generous :smiley:


As a shopkeeper I will always need to keep at least one alt- your stands only receive the tax epic while the epic is active. And my main will never have the tax epic in every build. I will remain at 2 characters. :slightly_smiling_face:


If there was a character merge tool at this point I would use it. Kill off an alt, transfer all their XP, plots, and wearables to the consuming character. You’re on your own for salvaging their inventory.

Enable it only for characters created before a certain date, so that it can’t be abused going fwd. It’s just a clean way for us old timers to de-alt.

Then set the alt cap to 3 or whatever makes sense


I would use this too. without hesitation

Great idea!

I refer to my previous post:

As the dev’s have stated before, alts and skill pages have different pros and cons. I love being able to switch over to an alt to help a friend without wasting 2k coins to return to an exo planet.


I also think the teaching pie and rock xp changes in the upcoming patch, as well as the deeper skill pages on one character, means I wouldn’t recommend using alts to new players.

So you could just leave my alts there to die in the ui. I’m not really incentivized to play them anymore. I have skill pages to unlock on my main.

Plus the dev in me is terrified at the idea of building and maintaining a bug free flow that merges characters.

Tl;dr: the alt cull is already happening. It was inside you this whole time



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I think there’s still an advantage to having alts for new players. Its decent and quick leveling up until 30. After that it drags out. So I think it may still bennifit a new player to have an alt for things like crafting and building while they level their main character.


Having 30 skill sheets available to my 6 developing characters may be enough that I won’t bother developing the rest of my character slots. I’m currently just starting to make active use of skill sheet two on them. But htis depends on how they intend to expand the game. Protective requirements are about to increase, among other things. In my opinion points per skill sheet is going to be an issue even for min/max players soon.

Forget having an all-arounder who’s solid for t7 worlds exploring and doing a bit of hunt/gather and mine with 100 skill points.

From an RPG perspective I would still rather have alts then skill sheets if a choice was to be made. But there’s not a lot of that going on here so, meh …

Also don’t forget (i know there is so much focus on plot management here) this is (up to) 10x outfits sold, 10x skill sheets sold, 10x body paint being sold. Etcetera…

There’s more subtle balance in skill sheets sold/vs alts used for a given player but overall The trend still carries through. I haven’t maxed all three skill sets on a character yet and I still tune with the occasional cleanse point as well.

I feel it’s in the games best interest to not force any player to give up their alt. Ever.

That being said, I think it’s perfectly reasonable to have the option to liquidate (muwaha) an alt and transfer all of that character’s xp over to another character. It doesnt necessarily have to be a chosen main.
Say you have 5 characters and decided you only want three. You can liquidate (I just like saying that but you could think of it like a refund too) two characters to two of the three you’re keeping. Those chosen two you’re keeping would also get the refunded cubits for buying those alts in the first place.

The plots, I am iffy on. The xp gathered on a lvl 30 alt will not equal the same in levels when transferred to a higher lvl character.
In my opinion the transfer would be a fair exchange, but some ppl really need those plots.
That’s why I feel regardless of anything else, this choice should always remain the player’s decision.

That being said, maybe a few weeks after the update when everyone gets used to the feel, there could be this as a limited time option since game play needs were changed?
First, of course, stating all the facts on what could or will happen so no one gets upset when they liquidate an alt and scream “I didn’t know blahblah would happen!”
Like a disclaimer.


I’ll probably keep an alt because somethings I do don’t take 15 min to do. Like clear shop stands and beacons. I wouldn’t know what to do with my shop owner for 14 minutes if was a skill page lol

Alts unite stand tall!!! Honestly I consider all of my characters my main.


Nope, alts and 5 skill pages I want it all!. But seriously even if you aren’t in full RP mode, for many players, including myself, different alts take on different personalities, exist in different parts of the universe and have different roles and jobs. I wouldn’t want to give them up even if their skills were redundant.

Also, considering there are 5 different crafting areas that you need separate pages to max, you’d need at least 7-10 pages have a single character do what most players want to do.