5 skill sets


The change won’t change my play style at all. I only have 3 characters (4 slots, plan to use the fourth for a youtube video eventually). I welcome 5 skill pages, but I have a long way to go to get my main up to being able to have that many… perhaps I need to hit that stone xp machine again… lol.


For organizational reasons no, I would not, I have 3 Crafting alts that carry different types of crafting materials on them at all times so I don’t have to go looking around the storage bins for the crafting materials near as often. Makes it easier for me to just walk up to the machines and get things going.


can’t get rid of alts. I’m sure lots of people share accounts. two of my alts have developed completely diforent personalities.
technomancer keeps the shop well organized and hates leaving the safety of his lair.
jeffro just throws what he has collected on any old shelf with no regard for technomancers storage system.
and loveless my new hunter … . well I just don’t trust him… I think he is not quite right in the head. I would liquidate him.
liquidate … liquidate … that is kind of fun to say.


Just wanted to update this up as I think it’s a good idea.

Adding my own thoughts as well, I have not used my 4th alt since the update, as I can do everything in the first 3, so if I could absorb that alt into one of the others that would be pretty useful.

I’ll say just now that I would be in favour of a reduction of alts per account overall (to 5 chars total max), and only allowing 1 alt per 50 levels gained (account wide). I know this is unlikely to happen now, but I think it would benefit the game long term if it was implemented at launch. Too much of an uproar if it came into play now.

If it’s an optional thing, I wouldn’t be too bothered about the cubit loss (from alt purchase), but maybe the cubits should be refunded as I think it would be a disincentive otherwise.

As for losing plots, perhaps skill points, plots, cubits and coins could be transferred, then xp transfers for level gain but no additional skill points, cubits or coin for the transfer xp?

That way there is no loss, but no gain either. Just one less unnecessary alt.

And I just realised this would be exploitable without some safe guards. Tricky, but then I’m not a game dev!


I would like to be able to name my skill pages. Always just clicking through and skimming the skills on each to find the right one.


hmm never had that problem. But I only have 1 character that I use so pretty easy to remember which is which.


5 Skill pages all maxed out and now out of order. Time to get some skill page resets and get them set up correctly i guess!


Why would you have me choose which of my children would die? What kind of horrible human being are you?


Put them in the compressor …

Seriously though - if I could move all my cubits, plots & SPs to 1 character and then remove the alts, I would.


Finally, enough skill pages to make a crafter. It’s a shame about how you have to use the points though.

He’ll get his 5th page soon and then I’m looking forward to spending 50 points on volume/efficient crafting, 25 points on spanner mastery, 60 points on enviro protection. 40 points on control, probably 40 points on agility.

Sure I get reminded I’m on the wrong skill page when I try to mass something that requires other skills. I’m SO EFFING TIRED of repairing sometimes tens of coils before I realize I’m burning off a spanner doing 50% less repair per swing.

The amount of duplicate points required to be a functional crafter with a high level base is crazy.

I don’t get the posts from people who are like “OMG 5 skill pages I can do everything in the game now, I’ll never have another alt …”

Seriously right now since I started playing the game is the first time you can actually make a fully capable crafter.

As someone who didn’t amass level 700 before they quashed these problems I sure wish that they dropped a couple skill page resets with these new pages. Most of my characters reflect some hard compromise and even after I slow grind the cubits to get the skillpages There’s the matter of cleanse and reset points.

I have a chuckle almost every day when something comes up to remind me of the irony of naming this game “boundless”.


… that can function on a higher level planet.

If you stick on T1/2 you can have a fully capable crafter with 3 skill pages. Tho now with Blink/etc. I think I need a 4th to do it all.


There are 5 mutually exclusive skill trees. Since they all depend on being bound to the same exclusive epic selection this isn’t the case. Have I been missing some way to stack features this whole time or … ?

The bit about wasting the protection points if I don’t want to trap my crafter on a low level and always have to run to low level for crafted items is just another footnote on already being forced to duplicate every skill selection, or painfully switch skill pages (Don’t Forget) for each individual activity.


If the game ever does get filled with a lot more stuff to do, then it might require skill trees to be expanded on or way more stuff added to what we have.

What we have is fine. If people want alts, let em have alts. If they don’t want any, then not making one isn’t going to hurt them.

Think of what the future could hold and not ask to remove things now when it could be necessary in the future. Nobody knows what 12 months from now the game will look like.


Sure, no comment on anyone else’s playstyle. I am DEFINITELY not one of those asking for the removal of alts it’s ridiculous in my opinion.

I’ve posted a suggestions thread regarding giving attributes in place of some of the current skills. There would be a lot less concerns about powerleveling and XPexploits because certain people wouldn’t feel they needed them so badly if it wasn’t costing so many levels to duplicate basic character attributes.

Eliminating the endless cubit cost of switching between professions is hopefully going to help with that as well. Not everybody has level 500+ toons.


My crafter can craft everything with 3 skillpages, is kinda a slow runner, no survival points really, no high lvl planet protections either but she can do it all, except, now not anymore since for Blink tools/weapons I need another epic. Tho haven’t looked into it yet if I can’t just still squeeze it in somewhere.

And yes, she has a skillpage that includes max spanner and energy, etc. Thing is, it’s a bit of puzzle but it is possible and my crafter’s home beacon is inside the workshop in a little corner. In my new workshop half the workshop will be on her home beacon meaning I don’t even have to run to the little corner to change skillpages…

But I do agree, it’s annoying.

Why do we even need to have skillpages? If I have to choose at lower level (with 1 skillpage) if I can make pies or mega brews, fine, but if I level up higher and higher where I can make multiple skillpage so she can do both why is there a need to switch AT ALL?

There are several epic skills where you have to choose one over the other, health or energy I get, that can stay like it is, but the ones related to crafting are silly. Why can’t we get an epic skill point after level 50 which we can use to turn another one of those choices on? Like BOTH Mega brews AND pies? And with the bottom right one that after enuff levelling we can simply turn all 3 on.

That will seriously be a huge QoL. The char can do it, it has the diff skillpages for it, the page switching before you can start a craft is just annoying and makes no sense in my book.

Like I said, with many of the others it does make sense, you need to decide what type of build you want, but a crafter is a crafter…


I don’t think the game even needs a leveling system to begin with. Not when it’s creating balancing issues in the game that it doesn’t need to have.


If you can share your build with me I would really appreciate it. Mine is approaching level 100 and I don’t need him to be fully travel capable yet.

Discord or PM would be fine, I literally don’t see how this is possible with the selection between food and tools being mutually exclusive. I’ve been spending cubits (cleanse points).


I just closed the game like 30 min ago and am gonna try some sleep. Will be in the morning then, will post some screenshots!


No rush thanks Aenea


Same here. Asking to give up characters or taking what you have created would be it for me. I use mine to log into areas when needed.