5 skill sets


Same here. 3 skill pages can do everything on my other builds. The only one I would say I wanted more for would be my hunter character.


Thanks Savior, I had some other offline conversation too. I definitely don’t want to start a bunch of semantic drama between “can do everything” vs “could do everything i needed to do”. I guess it seems that some of the skill points have been useless until now.

It was not possible for a single avatar to concurrently master all of the available crafting skill trees. It is now. That’s 100% what I plan to do with my “crafter” he will be dropping some other roles.

This has been a factor in my planning and skill selections for three avatars over the last couple of months, and I don’t really feel that’s invalidated since the skill points are now required, nearly in the same time frame that I’m achieving the skill points to master them all.

I’m GLAD to be putting it all onto one character.


Up until rift etc was introduced, you could craft everything with on char and 3 skill pages, as there were a couple of areas you could get away with just 3 points in and still be able to craft everything in the game.

But now with the introduction of rift, you need 5 points on each craft skill (tools, weapons, tech, food, brews) to be able to craft everything, and the only way I could work out how on a single char was to use all 5 pages.

I ran into the issue when I tried to make rift grapples.

I wiped all 3 pages and started from scratch with 5 pages on my crafter. Basing 1 page each on weapons, tools, tech, food and brews!

Then mixed out forging skills on one page, added deco and machine on another, not to forget augments.

And then efficient and mass crafting on each. Still leaves some room for other bits and pieces you might find useful.

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True that. Lol. I used a total of 9 previously. Now it will be 11 skill pages with specking my hunter to 5. I probably will make a thread showing how I did mine from the beginning. They work great. Also the benefit to multiple characters is keeping inventory personal to them. I can load my crafter with the basics mats I use him for. I also have drop boxes IF I need to switch some things between them.


I love my Alts. They are brothers,sisters, mothers,fathers,aunts,uncles and what have you. They are a close family. (Even if they never see each other :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:!)


Lol. I’d spartan kick my two alts into a pit of doom if I could. I just avoid longing into them since I can’t kick them into the abyss. 1 of them is only lvl 3 :joy:


Fire how dare you, they are family…lmao


My alts are my villagers. It takes a family of alts to raise a village.


Personally, I hate the idea of alts in any game that considers it an MMO at least without some sort of actual cost. If someone has the ability to do everything just by making a cheap alt, then why interact with the community? Sure, it’s a slight inconvenience to switch characters to do something, but that inconvenience is very minor in this case. Alts should be significantly mostly, more inconvenient, or be it locked behind time sinks like gaining an alt at level 50.

I think having additional skill sets also is problematic. One character that can do everything also leads to people not interacting with the community. People generally specialize in what they want to do, like a hunter. After time, the hunter would have all the skills needed to craft their equipment, and thus never has to buy from crafters.


There’s already plenty of people that don’t interact with the community and want nothing to do with it. So no alts or skill pages and they probably wouldn’t play. Also this is an mmo, can you name one that doesn’t allow multiple characters or other skill pages(classes, jobs etc since that’s basically what skill pages are). Take for instance FF14. Multiple characters and/or multiple classes.

Also there’s plenty of people that use alts/skill pages that are a big part of the community. Larky,hash,aenea to name a few.

I can go to @AeneaGames and get tools, brews, and pies all made by her. Sounds pretty good to me.


I realize other MMOs do this now, and it’s a trend that I personally don’t like. One I can remember off the top of my head was Star Wars Galaxies (SWG.) One character per server with a limit on skills you could get. It was impossible to be self sufficient in that game, and the player economy and social life was phenomenal. Sure, you could reskill yourself, but that took time to regrind the professions. EVE also has a restriction of training only one character at a time unless you pay for it. One can be self sufficient theoretically, but the time investment required (which is years) to be that basically means you’re always participating in the economy.

All MMOs that have thriving communities AND player economies limit what one person can do, or at least make you pay significantly for it (i.e. buy a second account or whatnot.)

I’m also not saying someone should only have one role. SWG allowed you to choose several professions, but they still couldn’t be totally self sufficient. So it’s totally cool if someone wants to be a totally dedicated crafter and make everything, but they should be the ones buying raw materials. Leave that to people that want to hunt. It would also be fine if I like to hunt, mine, and craft weapons, but I shouldn’t also be able to make brews/food/tools. Let people make choices and make them interact with the community. That’s what the second ‘M’ in MMO stands for: multiplayer.


And some of the backer packages came with extra keys which means they could easily have multiple accounts. It wouldn’t stop everyone and never will. Also if I was stuck in one thing there’s no way I’d have 1k+ hrs on here. Here a reskill costs 800 cubits to start from scratch or 300 cubits for 10 cleanse points. Both of which I’ve done myself multiple times.

Also if you want to be the best miner you can be hunting would be handicapped and if you want to throw tool crafting in there too you’d have to take your miner down some to do that as well. You can be great at one thing or okay on multiple things on one skill page.


The concept of having one person being able to do everything, be it through easy access of alts or through skill pages, is what I don’t like. The current system would have to be revamped in order to go with my view of how skills should be. I’d rather have one character that can do two or three things to the max (like the best hunter/miner/tool crafter) but never just be able to switch to do everything else. It hurts the economy if someone can make the best of everything through multiple characters and skill pages.

You could even make it so cleansing removes levels and skill points for free, but then you have to regrind those levels. This at least makes it more inconvenient to be able to do everything and gives a reason to go up a different skill path if you want to try something else.


Not a lot of people here are against skill pages. In fact alts/skill pages were added because of the EA people. And losing levels wouldn’t work with cubits being tied to it. There’s too much that would have to be changed and you’d lose a huge amount of the players that are here. You think the community is small now.


No one better take my alt family away from me! They are family as well as employees! Though i also consider them all my main characters.