6km Community Planet Poll

We have a world key to have a 6km planet generated. I am looking for some requests from the community as to what you are looking for? This will be a PUBLIC planet. I will monitor this thread and compile the information on 8/18/2022 after 8 p.m. eastern standard time. Then the plan is to submit the planet generation form and have it available the following day as the form was handed over to a planet gen expert!

*Planet location (US/EU/land down unda)

  • Planet Tier
  • Surface Resources
  • Planet type (Metal/Coal/Gem)
  • Below surface resources
  • Hunting world
  • Other

If I missed anything just list it!


This is awesome! :smiley:

I’m all for whatever the community wants, but as a planet designer, I’ll throw out a suggestion -

Big thing with a 6 km is being able to host big hunts. :slight_smile: Question becomes, what tier and type. My thoughts on this: I think a good balance of having a higher tier but somewhat easy access (so more can join in) is putting a T5 in USE. That way it is guaranteed to fall off of Serp, so you just need the one point for TNT Circ, then the three for Serp. T5s seem more survivable than T6s by a fair bit and also, for hunting, you get a better biome selection than with a T6. Still plenty higher level mobs though.

Then the question becomes type. For hunting, I’d say Toxic (diamond bows), Corrosive (topaz bows) or Burn (sapphire bows)… you can make those pretty flat and have a decent mining world too. Of course then, with Toxic and Corrosive you’d have more water. I’d lean towards Burn. With a T5 the biome picks could be done to really minimize lava, and I’ve rolled a ruby T5 that was loaded with hotspot.


I think a planet for hunts would be ideal depending on how long the planet remains active.

T5 or T6, flat as possible with water not lava would be best. No ice if possible.


I guess it matters how long it is staying around… I’m all for hunting but I also am in a phase of a lot of color and resource gathering and high tiers suck for that versus T1 with large areas for colors, gleam, etc…


Might lean towards corrosive then. Could keep a few shallower water bodies for some amethyst mining. That way no lava… easier picks with a T5 for sure, plus knowing where it will land. Can still keep it pretty flat with a T6 BUT would have to add more water to do so, also, will have a 50-50 shot on the landing spot.

T6 - Better loot, T5 - More accessible, better terrain. Tough call.


A T1 can be awesome too… lot of good picks there for easy traversing and collecting. :slight_smile:

would be a waste to make it mining or color world when it has higher player cap imho.
I’d love to see some really interesting terrain formations, lots of vertical stuff, big open caves, something fun

but i doubt a hunting world with difficult terrain would be a very popular choice

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It mostly depends on how long the planet will be around as @Xaldafax mentioned.

if it is around for a shorter period of time making a hunting planet might be the ideal choice. My first thought was making a planet for community building, but that would mostly depend on how many people bought into that idea and would build something.

Judging by all the malls that jumped up lately and don’t really fill up I’d lean towards a hunting planet with some decent mining and colors.


Def a hunting planet. A 6km resource planet doesn’t seem like the best possible use of a planet that size when a standard one is more than capable of performing that role. Plus there are like 100 resource planets already in existence


@Munkeylord I would agree, but I think it could have multiple uses if created right. I know I had created a T6 one time that had a great amount of gems that could have also been used for hunts as it had a ton of flat areas.

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This idea is a communal idea. I can help keep it going and if others want to provide fuel, thats great! could be a see how it goes sort of deal.

Would love to see volume discounts in the shop for fuel and such!


T6 chill Planet will be very flat maze will be highest biome you can choose at Tier 8 one flat biome with Hills , Other biomes all Sandy and flat

You ll have an great hunt Planet and you can mine sapphire and Lots of silver and Gold also you ll have bitter beans normaly concentrated .

If you want to have a Look on such a Planet let me know i did with Olympus for Tier 8 biomes and they arent really Bad would be a good Option too because of more beans and more silver and Gold.
Also you ll get a good Numbers of Fossils and Iron too.

This size IS big enough tobdral with Olympus.

Would Help creating a hunt path If wanted .

T6 best Option in my opinion because even new people can learn IT quick there re enough expirtenced Players to Help .
And remember its good for the Community because of better loot and high Tier loot !!!

Thats my First thoughts about that.
Greetings Turrican2006


Id advise against a chill personally for hunting as I can’t stand hunting on ice it is such a pain. I do like chills though for Sapphire, Topaz and bitter beans.

Best bang for the bucks is probably the highest tier possible, as flat as possible, with no lava and as little to no water as possible.

All that said, that is just what I consider ideal for hunting. Not everyone will agree here I am sure. I would love to see the planet used in the most ways possible and allow for the easiest hunting.


You won t Slide on ICE because maze has Glacier so No ICE If you Don t choose any ice biomes i Made such a planet AS a small one and you can Run Like hell over the planet


I can see this. :thinking: Use ONLY Maze for the sapphires/stardrops and hope, being a 6km, you’ll get at least one really good area. Maze areas are pretty good for hunting too, once you get up them.

Downside - No desert plants, IIRC.

At the lv 8 pick, could probably use Gleam Rain if you want to keep it more flat. For lv 4, the one Floating Islands pick is good, open pastures with the islands to grapple to. Not many good picks at lv. 6 and you have to take 5 with a T6, but there are a few fillers, and can take Island Trees for some good gathering.

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I LOVE MAZE i had a planet with a huge maze top until some more keys broke on my laptop and i looooved running around on it. i saw so many awesome ideas in this thread that it covered anything i could add. very easy flat terrain on a T5 might be doable for me even w/having to use keys on a second keyboard to back up :smiley:

holy cow i so wish i had more brain traction and/or budget to try more controllers… maybe i’ll have both back before the next udt*


Does having Lava/Water underground affect Gem spawn?

Atmosphere and biome selection will.

If you take a burn planet, lava, and rubies.

Take a chill world and mt. Olympus get sapphires.
Take a shock world and mt Olympus biome get topaz.

Liquid helps with emerald and amethyst spawns. So toxic is lava, as amethyst loves lava as corrosive or emerald loves deep water areas.


so making a burn world with water / water would not generate a good amount of Ruby? sorry for going a little off topic but it was a question that popped in my head

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Selecting chill and Olympus will produce both Sapphire and Topaz, but (correct me @bucfanpaka) should lean more towards Sapphire.

Selecting shock and Olympus will produce both also, but lean more towards Topaz. IIRC.

EDIT: My last T6 was a chill and had a great Sapphire and Topaz area. I usually came out with 4SS of Sapphire to 2SS of Topaz.