A collection of my screenshots


That Boundless banner is a nice touch :blush:, would definitely like to see more screenshots.


Yup, I will be adding more, right now I’m focusing on untouched landscapes. This was about 1hrs worth of exploring and finding the best screenshots.

Side note, tell me what you think of the 4th image banner, it is used to cover up the player model when you use a grappling hook,

Re-created the logo and text, it might look a bit off.


Whoever build the last one, it looks awesome from this perspective.
Really good job - was a lot of work probably?

it looks good and what is the location and world of this image

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Honestly don’t remember >.< I usually spend a good hour or so cycling through worlds and finding locations, then filtering them down. I think if you just stumble across it will be more worth it :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry 'bout that

god dammit well now i got a objective atleast

That’s from @Mittekemuis! We used to play and build a lot together! even made our own town :smiley:


look here for much more screens

Hm, I will continue this then when I feel like it is finished I will upload unedited versions to that thread.

Nice. The big banner does look a bit out of place compared to those other ones though. Btw, was that screenshot from @b00n’s build?

Yes, it was boon’s build, I can swap out that banner and use the old one, it would look like this


Been a while since I build anything :disappointed:
I promise I will come back and be a fanatic again but I’ll first have to learn to work with the new stuff that’s been implemented.

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that is amazing

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