Official Screenshot Submission Thread

Screenshot team, mobilise!

We’re going to be gathering player submitted screenshots for the Steam page and Oort Online site. Your screens and creations could be seen by millions of potential players! If you’d like your screens considered for these, please post them to this thread using this format:

  • 1920 x 1080 resolution (as a minimum)
  • High resolution JPEG or PNG
  • Hide all of the UI by pressing “.” until the screen is clear
  • Don’t overlay any logos or watermarks
  • Don’t adjust the screenshots in Photoshop
  • Turn on all effects in the options (you only need to do this temporarily to take screens if you have a lower performance machine)
  • Turn up draw distance and terrain detail and wait for the world to properly load in

Thanks for your help!

:person_with_pouting_face: :camera: :no_good:


##Here are the Original Files of my Wallpaper
I guess you only want the ones I made since the last Update ^^


How do you get screenshots without the game item slots and map?
Also these are Gorgeous!

You can press “dot” to toggle the HUD. If you press it onec everything gets removed and then things like your player position, the block that you look at, the camera position and that kind of stuff gets shown
some more times and you have your normal hud again

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Oh! Thank you very much!

@Mittekemuis asked me to take some pictures for her


Holy guacamole…

Found this in Gasan via intricate underwater tunnels


I’ll be retaking some of my old popular ones after I get a chance to remodel them for r102. Really wish red brick and wool were still a thing, my light house looks sad in its new gray/puke colors :frowning:


I’ve posted too many pictures of the only build that I’ve truly finished, but here it is…


Jeez it’s so easy to get lost in Gasan


The fourth picture looks abselutly amazing :smiley:

The same goes for both those two pictures

God i love the new leaf design.

And of course this one but it may potentially be an issue to be officially showing it -


My Screenshots are too High Rez for these forums :sob:
here’s the folder

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@drthmik They look great but you need to take them without the UI showing. Press the “.” key a few times until it all disappears.

I died 8 times taking the ones I have! (there’s more in there now BTW)
and now I don’t respawn with a grappling hook! :unamused:

New screenshots from my treehouse and the outdoors from it’s entrance.
Glad to be able to get shots without the item bar and such.


That tree house got ridiculously pretty after the update!

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