Screenshot of the Week #1

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Screenshot of the Week #1 2016/10/04 - 2016/10/10

Update 2 Winners have been posted here. Screenshot of the Week #1 - Results

Update 1: Thanks to everyone for taking part. The competition this week is now closed. Check back tomorrow for
Screenshot of the Week #2

Did you see the perfect sunset with an orbiting world this week? Did you capture that moment and want to share it with the world? If you did, then I am extremely excited to announce that from today we’ll be starting a new weekly community competition for you to send us your best screenshots every week.

The winner will get a special forum badge which they can show off to members of the community.

Here’s How to Enter

  1. Post a screenshot of Boundless to either Twitter or Facebook by Monday, 10th October 2016.
  2. Make sure to include the #BoundlessScreenshot hashtag in the tweet or post so we can find it!
  3. You can also post on this forum topic if you prefer.
  4. We’ll select and announce the winner next Tuesday!

Not sure how to take a screenshot or how to remove the HUD? Try these links for taking screenshots and hiding the HUD

Some Tips
Think about how you can stand out from the crowd! Maybe get some friends to help you put together an awesome build, or go for the picturesque landscape approach. Screenshots which look cool, funny or simply impressive are bound to win.

Good luck everyone. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!




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Sweet very cool idea!!!

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Oh! This looks great!! I can wait to jump in a get some good shots of the landscape!

One question about it however: will it just be the dev’s favorite one, or will there be a top ten, and the number one developer choice gets the prize?

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This one will be selected by the devs but we may change it so the community votes on the winner. For the result, we might have an honourable mentions as well depending on how many people take part. :slight_smile:

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@luke-turbulenz, is it one submission per week?

You can submit as many as you’d like but only one will be selected as a winner.

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Very clever idea to get more present in both networks :wink:

Though I probably can’t participate since I don’t use twitter and also not really fb, so I wish everyone else good luck!! Forum badges are cool!

Here is mine.


Now that the base version of the game has been updated on Steam, we are hoping to see some cool things from the community.


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I’m sure I’ve seen this somewhere before? :stuck_out_tongue:

Settling US east with @Zerus and Tacusin.


There’s a newcomer to our party! @Inkgerm . Building on US East (1310, 66, 1732)


ill def be back on later tonight!

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It was used in Testing 22 after i posted it there.

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When worlds collide…



I will share them on monday as the post says


Some from the test worlds, some from the new live worlds… all of them amazing!

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