Screenshot of the Week #4

Screenshot of the Week #4 2016/11/01 - 2016/11/7

Update: Winner has been selected. Please click here to see the results.

After the lack of Halloween screenshots it is back to basics this week. :stuck_out_tongue: A little later in the day than planned but this week’s screenshot of the week competition is now live. There are no themes or styles we are looking for this week so send in anything you like the look of.

The winner will get a special forum badge which they can show off to members of the community.

Here’s How to Enter

  1. Post a screenshot of Boundless to either Twitter or Facebook by Monday, 7th November 2016.
  2. Make sure to include the #BoundlessScreenshot hashtag in the tweet or post so we can find it!
  3. You can also post on this forum topic if you prefer. But please try to keep to one screenshot per post.
  4. We’ll select and announce the winner next Tuesday!

Not sure how to take a screenshot or how to remove the HUD? Try these links for taking screenshots and hiding the HUD

Some Tips
Think about how you can stand out from the crowd! Maybe get some friends to help you put together an awesome build, or go for the picturesque landscape approach. Screenshots which look cool, funny or simply impressive are bound to win.

Good luck everyone. Hopefully this time we’ll get some entries. :stuck_out_tongue: :rolling_eyes: :blush:


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I have a couple. (Ok, maybe a few more than a couple)


That green cave shot is pretty awesome!

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Perfect time for me to submit my Halloween themed screen shots! /S


Retro week is next week!


Wow lots of nice screen shots !
May I ask you on which planet you take the first one ? I really like that biome !

Will post tommorow

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But you just posted today?


I honestly can’t remember what planet most of these are from, I took them a while ago.

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it whas brighter ingame but this will do i will try to get some better soon

got a second pic

the same but at night


Nightview over buildings and Therka market


that first picture looks so vibrant


Am I really the first one who shared a bunsh of shots on FB?! ^^ (… or have you other pps listed them as “only for friends”? :wink: )

I am unfortunately at a convention this weekend and won’t be posting any screens to this contest :frowning:

I meen, unless pics from Blizzcon count for something…

you can get a like on the pic…

participate with this:

but those I also liked :stuck_out_tongue:


that first shot would have looked so good if you just maxed out the graohics for the sake of the shot

One from me.