A group reaction on the trailer ;)

Here is a reaction video from a recorded Skype-Conference of some friends. Just found it on U2be :wink:



I love how people just see blocks and then their like…MINECRAFT CLONE!!!

But it’s understandable. A lot of people still don’t know that the genre is called voxel-games and not Minecraft games.
Also if you want the majority of people to know what you talk about you take the word most of the people know, and more people know Minecraft than Voxel.

Ah and they did never mention the word clone so there is that.


Guy on the left needs to take a chill pill. Take a leaf out of the guy on the right’s book.

I like the reaction to the hooks.

It is clear, we need a demo for the oculus. Even a prerecorded short fly through would really help sell the game. Maybe in time for the launch of oculus?


Yes,but I don’t see Call of Duty: Black ops 3 and think oh another Battlefield clone.
People are just too closed minded.


But I’m sure, if you had a friend you know for sure doesn’t know what CoD is but plays Battlefield (yea really unrealistic I know), you would explain it to him with the words: “It’s kind of like Battlefield.”

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The game will speak for itself in due time, don’t worry.


Yes,but both are successful and complete games I can compare B is not even a complete game,it’s still in Pre-Alpha. So before even able to show what we have, people are already comparing it to Minecraft. Not letting us show what we have. This is how a whole bunch of games got shut down, because of people just putting it off as another Minecraft clone.

First of all nobody, neither in this thread nor in the video, even mentioned the word clone.
They merely compared it to the only big voxel game they apparently know.

Second, surely they could have said it looks like another voxel game but for everything they said Minecraft and voxel game is interchangable.

Conclusion, yes saying something is a clone doesn’t do anything good and comparing it to the biggest fish of the genre can show ignorance. But that doesn’t applie to this video at all.


You conclude that comparing a game to the biggest fish in the genre shows ignorance. And then say they don’t compare this to the biggest fish in the voxel genre? True they don’t say “clone”, but they may as well have. Not that it matters all that much really.

I said it can show ignorance but not in this video. That’s what I meant^^

I would like to point out that about 10 years ago a game called WoW came out. Back then the comments went like this “It just a copy of Everquest with shittier graphics” That did not stop the game from coming dominate the market.


And Playstation VR :wink:


Now people compare WoW to other games like GW2, Aion, etc. :tired_face:. The cycle never ends.


Here’s to hoping that in 10 years time, Everybody is saying “Oh great it’s another Boundless clone” :smile:


I think it’s funny how serial gamers can look at something like Boundless and be like “meh”… “Isn’t this just a copy of some other game?” That takes real deep thought and really astounds me that it continues to happen. However, it’s a bit obvious coming from people who don’t CREATE anything, they just play and critique. Yes, the comparison to MC is inevitable from most people because the lowest common denominator is conditioned to accept everything as “more of the same.”


Well you cant avoid it, people also called every single MMORPG for a wow clone, the hillarious thing about these people is that most of them are saying ‘‘This game is just a clone of X’’, after that they have two choices which they always pick.

  1. ‘‘This is too close to X and as such i would rather play X’’
  2. ‘‘They changed to much from X, i wanted it to be just like X but better, i will go back to X’’


for some its a good thing however, SWTOR was deemed a wow clone set in the starwars universe, which is a very good comparison, for some it was bad, for others it was great since they wanted something that resembles wow without being it. You can see it for boundless too, there are quite a bit of people who bought it after playing MC a massive amount of time, since they wanted something that was kinda like minecraft but different.


Yes,when I said clone I’m just saying in general,that’s what people say.
And while I understand what your saying,I can’t help but feel when people say MC when looking at B,they just think it will be kinda cool and then just fade away.
Just like all the other attempts at a new voxel games.
Does that make sense to you,why I want people to just see the game as its own thing. But I know that will come in time.

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The trailer really doesn’t give off much other than it looks like Minecraft. Don’t get me wrong I love the game already and I understand it is a voxel game like Minecraft but to many people of the general public that’s all your going to gather and to ignorant people all they will see is “Minecraft rip-off”. It will be great when they release a trailer with the features of the game and more information! Also I can see what they said I’m not sold based on the trailer because that was me. I came across while scrolling through Steam and was like yeah okay and forgot about it. But then out of curiosity I googled it and found the website which is awesome!