A new name for Oort Online...?

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We would like to gather together some ideas for possible new names for Oort Online.

NOTE: The purpose of this thread isn’t to debate if Oort Online is a good name / a better name. The purpose is to explore if there is a better name out there.

Why? The name of the game is important. It’s going to be with us for a long time. For many people their first contact with the game will be via the name. There are a couple of possible problems with Oort Online:

  1. Players don’t know anything about the game from the name. Oort is meaningless without an explanation. With an explanation it’s interesting. But it needs explanation. A name with background is cool. Inversely the name doesn’t need to be Voxel Sandbox Online. The name needs to say something about the game.

  2. The Online part (whilst descriptive - see #1) is not required.

Got any ideas? Go crazy… GO! :traffic_light: :checkered_flag:


No. we talked about this before! oort is a great name, it gives off a very casual feel together with the pink aesthetic of the site, it seems very much like a pickup and play type of thing.

later on if you turn it more hardcore you might need to change it, but the feel it gives off now just feels right.

in terms of ‘‘it is the first thing people come in touch with’’ yeah… let me find some titles

Armello ‘‘Armello is a grim fairy-tale board game come to life. Full of swashbuckling adventure combining deep, tactical card play, rich tabletop strategy and RPG elements. Wage epic single and multiplayer battles, cast spells, hire agents, and prepare poisons and ruses on your quest for the throne!’’

eh i guess i see what you mean, will try to look into something


Suggestions: (will change accordingly when i find more)

Connected Worlds Online
Titan Grounds online
(Name of the universe is the name of the game, think like ‘‘Alfheim Online’’)
Titan Tales Online (personally like this one)
Planet Jumpers
Torn Worlds online
Lost Origins Online
Chronovale (if the times on all the worlds are different, so some might be high tech some might be primitive)
Titans of (universe name)
Last Tribes online
Echo of Creation (referring to us finding remnants of the old creators, quite like this one too)
Prophecy of the Ancients (if the lore says something like ''at one point a range of races will rise again and they will take the worlds back from the titans)
Magenta Core online (to keep the pink)

Something to consider is also if the name can have a nice acronym, for example Echo of Creation would be EoC (pronounced as a word and not the letters) or Prophecy of the Ancients will be called PotA



(Pÿr would also be a cool name for a world)

Vale of Tides

Vale sounds great and has a good meaning. At least I associate positive pictures with it.

Just gonna point out that this is the case for quite a lot of games.

Armello (yes the name is cool but don’t have any actual meaning)
Terraria (Same thing)

For MMO games:
Crowfall (Again cool not much meaning)
Albion online (Same thing)

I could continue a good half of some of the highest rated MMORPG’s in the world have names with non obvious meanings. A quarter blatently states what it is about in the name (Let’s be fair Guild Wars is not the brightest name seen on the seen) and the last part finds the golden middle way.

If a new name was choosen i would go with some thing like:

Wandering the Oort

Thinking about it if the name was changed I would prefer to keep “Oort” somewhere in the name.


Cut all the onlines from all of the names and I support you fully^^
As james said, an online behind the name doesn’t make it a better name. If all it implies that there is an offline version. Because why write online behind it if there isn’t?

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I think it could be used as a sub-title type deal:

To use Zouls’ example:

Echo of Creation

Legacy of the Oort


Thats actually not what he said, he said that the name have to be descriptive, the more the better, what he said was that having online on WOULD make it more descriptive AKA better, but it was not mandatory :slight_smile:

also online does not imply that there is an offline version, it implies that the game is online, which is quite important in my eyes because of the fact the MC was offline, if you dont specifically write online alot of people are going to be like ‘‘i bought it thinking i can play locally and i cant, you guys lied’’ and rage ensues. however the best name will pop up eventually, some ways look better with online some doenst, which is why i add it to some and not to others :smile:

ah yea now that you say it. But my point still stands. Just without the james part.

Name “Oort” is a way to “Oort cloud”. Lot of people heared about Oort cloud earlier, but they not know that is it without wikipedia. Thereafter it sounds very intriguingly, but has a tinge of sci-fi. It will be righteous, if you guys will finish idea about starscript.

But I must accede: pink design of site seems not like a serious MMO. I think, smooth orange (hello :lester:) or another pastel colour will seems better.
I like blue and green, but it’s only my personal affair :slight_smile:


Orange is always quite a no no color, but yeah the pink color scheme makes the game seem really casual, which i think is the point, but i totally agree in the fact that if they want to make it more ‘‘hardcore’’ they would have to change the color, but i dont think they are trying to do that. personally i really love the pink colorscheme :smiley:

The pink/brown color scheme is very calm i think.


For now my pers. fav. would be

Vale of Tides - Echo of Creation

E. o. C. is awesome.
Both together get along quite fine imho. and suggest a setting full of fantasy and mystery.
I would be interested how “tides” translates into
other languages. In German it would mean sth.
like “Tal der Gezeiten” and sounds quite epic.
Don’t know if this term is already used in other
fantasy/mystery books or games.

I’ll try and come up with more ideas - for now this is not my own one since Zouls made the inspring suggestions. And I’d be happy to hear more.

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Drawing on a similar vocabulary as Zouls here:

Gateways of the Ancients / Ancient Gateways
Shards of Creation / Creation’s Shards
Crucible of Oort
Planes of the Oort
Forerunner’s Shadow / Shadows of the Forerunners
Shattered Realms / Realms of the Shattered
Mirrored Quintessence
Nadir of Worlds
Zenith of Wonder

That’s what I got right now.


Legacy Rise
Changing Lands
Wonder Forgotten
Age of Renewal
Tale of Worlds

LesterQuest! :lester:

Maybe something like

Fragments of Oort

I like the ones that have something like shards/fragments.planes since it seems the oortiverse is kinda broken up.

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Disclaimer: none of these is serious. I have to get the silliness out of my system first; perhaps, among the tangents herein presented, you might find some modest modicum of inspiration.

Because Latin:
Abstractia : Uncommon Ground
Oorthogonal Acroterion - The Mediapsis Chronicle “Right-angled architecture - a story from the middle-most bit”
Operose Mundivagant “Difficult Travel Across the World”
Saeculum Oortum “Age of the Oort”

Because mixing Latin and Greek:
Novanym “New name”

Obvious trademark infringements:
Harry Potter and the Step Between Worlds
Star Wars : The Force Reclines
Final Fantasy XXIII : Seriously, This One is Really Final
Third Cousins, Twice Removed, of Dune
Twilight : Tenebris Micare

Absurdly pompous:
Titanhold : Legacy of the Oort

Not that this would ever happen but I couldn’t resist
Trollgrief - The Backstabbing


I´m really curious why you would want to change the name. After all 84% of the backer liked it in the 3rd survey. I assume it is because of the name coincidence with Jan Oort ?

Anyway my suggestions would be

Cubewano (online)

Quaoar (online)
I really like that one because beside of being an astronomical object it is also a name variation of an american indian mythology figure that has a background story which would quite fit into what we know about the Oort lore:
Quaoar was born, or first appeared, after the death of Wiyot, a tyrannical ruler of the first beings (Oortians / Oortian god),… … and as a consequence, the male creator Night divided the first human(Oortian) ancestors into distinct peoples (races), assigning them languages and territories (beacons)

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Why are we talking about this again? :confused:

Oort is fine
I can think of MANY games that have names that are rather meaningless without a description
The Witcher… What the HEK is a witcher?
Elder Scrolls? Skyrim? what does old parchment have to do with those games? and what the HEK is a Skyrim?
Bioshock… What’s That?
Far Cry… is this a game about YELLING REALLY LOUD?

and that’s just off the top of my head
while each of these has reasons why they are named what they are, you wouldn’t know anything about the game by just looking at the title alone

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