A not so interesting, interesting thing

Found some natural “Lava + Water generated Igneous Stone”, when I regened it, it stayed as stone. Even when I broke a few layers and regened it again, it returned straight to stone.

I expected it to regen to Water + Lava and then create the stone in the moments following the regening… apparently not. Maybe this gives us some insight to how worlds are generated? Generated first, then the regen state is saved afterwards? :thinking:

@Apt <-- one person who might find this interesting :joy:


This post from Luca has some insight to share on this topic you might find interesting :smiley: .


Ah thanks, will give that a read :smile:

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why yes I do find this interesting :smiley:
it would have to do the flowing in real time thing every time you throw a regen. best to ‘save’ the world in a state when the simulation is already done


I have an emerald mine on shedu tier (accessible through guardian) where this happens, but it wouldn’t normally touch any water. It just seems to happen where there’s only a single horizontal layer of would be lava.