Ability to forge Beacon Controls with weather effects

With the recent addition of the Clear, Rain and Snow weather quirks on tools, I started thinking about weather from a building perspective and how a builder might want their build to be viewed by others.

With this in mind, I think it would be cool to be able to forge Beacon Controls with different weather effects. For example…

  • You have a desert themed build with pyramids etc. so you want your beacon to match and be arid and dry, so you forge your Beacon Control with Clear Weather (no snow or rain).
  • You have a spooky graveyard build, so you forge your Beacon Control with the Mist and Gloom effects used for Halloween (or a variation of them to keep the Halloween theme unique).
  • You have a Winter Wonderland build with ski slopes and spruce trees, so you forge your Beacon Control with Snow Weather to cover everything in a nice crunchy white layer.

Additional ideas around this could be to use separate Boon effects for different weather types so they are easier to target, but give them levels so each weather effect works a certain percentage of the time, so you could tailor the weather to be Clear 90% and Rain 10%.

For this to work, obviously only a Master Beacon control would control the weather within a beacon - this would then also allow players to change weather effects within their beacons, by changing their Master Beacon Control.

Whilst I do understand that some would like to have separate weather controls accessible from a menu, I feel this should only be something we control within our own plots - otherwise having all weather effects turned off will just become the norm as it offers those that turn them off an advantage over those that want to keep with the immersion it offers.


Hear hear!!

I think this is a cool concept!
I’m honestly, just glad that the quirks have stayed in, after the event ended!
However, trying to target those selected quirks is totally not fun, and I totally have not deconstructed 100 times in a row, and not got the quirk I wanted…

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Forging the beacon is a cool idea. But maybe an easier way to add the option to add a tool with the effect in to the beacon.

Or just a block like:

  • water sorce (wet-> rain)
  • lava (hot-> dessert/sunny)
  • ice (cold->snow)
  • [tinted] glass (diminished view-> mist)

Just me brain storming but with the tinted glas it would give the ability to tint the mist for example.

My take. :wink:

Would like to see the option to do something like that but problem with the beacon is it would mean you would have to switch beacons out… (which for some is troubling)… so maybe adding the option to put a forged tool or blocks(to symbolize the weather) is an easier way.

[edit] more likely troubling for Fresh Oortians (or just Oortians that don’t really do a lot of beacon stuff).
Mainly as it isn’t then available at the “start” and to add it one has to switch out beacons. The option to add a forged tool with weather effects (or block) in to the beacon eliminates that issue as you don’t need to switch beacons out.


Cool idea. I could see a weather stone crafted out of the four elements somehow. I could see it crafted out of lava, water, dirt… and… well, I can’t think of anything for air. You get the idea, though. :man_shrugging:

I’m sorry, did I miss something? What’s this about weather quirks on tools? Is there any patch notes or further information about this?

On topic - anything to remove weather effects is good in my book. This seems like a rather creative way to do it, so i’m all for it.

From the Halloween event…

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How about allowing beacons to store 1 item - and inherit quirks etc for the whole beacon from that item?


Me if we get a weather control device/beacon for our builds -

tenor (20)


Hahaha wait for Titans!!

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Ooh, I love this idea. I’d want it to be a pretty expensive/late game forge though.

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Can we pls get this :roll_eyes: