Able to give beacons and campfires flames different flame colors

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since i also like this (due to decoration reasons)
i think we should suggest it?
and hopefully we will get this added (fingers crossed)

easy poll for voting!

  • No thank you
  • Yes please

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hear us please

Like so?

yes for all new content from me, as always, but in this case I’d suggest going all the way and adding a particle emitter.
same thing as a campfire/ beacon under a block to add smoke, but specifically designed to do that:

  • wider selection of animated particles (smoke, fire, sparks, bubbles, insects, magic runes, dripping liquid…

  • colorable

  • rotatable

  • could be just 1 placeable with its own UI : (select particle type, 1 inv color slot for either gleam (particles glow) or sand (particled don’t glow), distance of particle effect from source )


also make it so we can hear the fire when placed


Some new styles of beacon wouldn’t be remiss either

Wood beacon
Gleam beacon
Glass beacon


You know, it’s a little off topic, but I think particle emitters would make really good rewards for the eventually planned ruins & titans. Different effects could be tied to different tiers of difficulty.


I agree that sounds great.