About brews and its given buff

If anyone has a link to explain the updated buff of each type of brews Boundless have, I would gladly appreciate it.

Kind of outdated but might do the job.

Why not read the items description in the in-game Knowledge tab?

Thanks, some of the info in knowledge tab didn’t show how long the buff is, just stated temporarily. Does all brew that did not state such as strength and fast brew, only have a duration of 2 minutes? or different depends on which tier it is

the Time limit on the tiers are the same for each type of brew if I remember correctly so lvl 5 brew has the longest duration. Of course that doesn’t apply to the instant brews so well those are instant :sweat_smile:.

ok thanks for the info, 1 last thing, how many max buffs can a player have? I know there is 3 guild buffs, 1 max food buffs, so is it apply to brew as well with centraforge boon buff? With only 1 max each.

1 food and brew buff at a time tho reviver brew doesn’t interfere with either one so that can be active with those as well. And buffs coming from the forge stack with those and don’t disable them. Tho two sinking feelings won’t give you more time underwater so the forge buffs don’t stack with each other in that sense.

Thanks for the info, about the forge stack buffs, for example, the buff for extra armor while in hand, does it stack with each other? Eg 1: Hard as nail 2 (left hand) Hard as nail 3 (right hand) Eg 2: Hard as nail 3 for both left and right hand.

That I’m not sure. I’ve never tested that one.

Ok thank you

the release notes on venerable forging stated that the higher of the two hard as nails will take precedence, so a lvl 3 and lvl 2 wont stack, and lvl 3 will take all the dura hit. I am not sure how they pick which one to prioritize when the same level is held in both hands; possibly first tool out or the order they appear on knowledge tab…

thanks for the info