About private servers

Can Tomcat/Linux server is accepted by boundless exchange to publish maps.

Not sure what you’re asking here? Tomcat is an application server (that can run on linux, or anywhere else) - but not sure how it relates?

As for publishing maps, they’re all configuration for the world builder. You can find the current worlds at https://github.com/turbulenz/boundless.worlds/tree/master/config/worlds. There isn’t much information (yet) on how private servers will be configured, but for some background on how they will be set up at a high level:


Thank You. one more thing, we have configured Tomcat on Linux.But we want to publish the Bounless maps on our server.Please advise.

…are you talking about https://boundlessgeo.com/ and not http://playboundless.com/?

(This forum is for the game, not the GIS system)