About the beacon plotter

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@james, @luke-turbulenz : I’m building my base on a mountain. I have the problem that I’m not able to protect my stairs because the little horizontal tunnel out of the staircase has the error “plot would not be joined vertically to another plot”. I own the beacon above and i “beaconed” the complete way down the mountain. Why is this not allowed ?

As you can see in the screenshot I’d like to protect the highlighted area but the system does not allow this. It would be a huge waste of plots if I need to protect the complete way down (where is only air).


Couldn’t you place a separate beacon in that plot to reserve it?

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if you want build a tower like this you need 50 plots instead 20 because you need to fill all the free space with plots.

it is not the sense to add 10 beacon stones, but we can try it later

I misread the original post and didn’t see that he had the plots going down through the inside of the mountain. What @Heurazio is trying to do should work, I agree.

Yes - it’s a limitation of the current implementation.

(I can’t remember exactly why. It might have been to keep the implementation simple when dealing with the case of players removing sections to make disconnected regions. @OortSimon might be able to say more.)


I don’t think it would be too resource intensive to run a check each time a plot is removed to prevent disconnected regions. Cream filling for another update I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Well most solid is to make beacon control… they are sick easy to make now :smiley: