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Such description.
very information.

Kake er godt.

Kage er faktisk helt fantastisk (I am guessing right now becasue some words in the nordic languages are just so opposite)

You got it right! :laughing:

Så det mener at du er norsk?

Det har du rett i!

Vi må lave en skandinavisk sprogtråd og se hvor lang tid der går før vi begynder at skændes. :smiley:

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i cant make a swwedish topic in international

We can create a Swedish category if there is interest.

i wanna talk swedish in here soo much

What is Swedish for Swedish? I’ll use it for the category label.

svenska means swedish

or what ya mean?

Have one for scandinavia in general maybe? Since Norwegian, swedish and danish is pretty similar.

There’s a Swedish group now - want something else?

If we want to talk to you swedish people we can just jon you in your section :slight_smile:

hey @james can we get one for the dutch call it belgisch
:wink: @AeneaGames :innocent:
our make two one flemish and one keeskoppen hahahahaha
dutch is fine though