Forum: New categories

I’ve been doing a little Discourse house keeping recently - this posts quickly covers the details.

1. Added a FAQ category under General.

My plan is to have a collection of FAQ question answered by the dev team. It’ll be a little strange as the questions will change order. But I really like the feedback we can get on questions so hopefully it’ll be easier to keep the questions and answers up to date. I plan to migrate (some? or all? of) the questions from into the forum so that we’re only maintaining a single collection.

If you have an idea for a FAQ question (remember the Frequently part of FAQ) then please add it here.

Only devs should be able to create posts in the FAQ. But everyone should be able to read + comment.

2. Added Guides category under General.

We had a few guides pinned to the General category and I think it’ll be easier for new players to find them in a single curated place. If you have an idea for a guide or want to contribute to the current guides I’d suggest PM’ing the original creators.

At the moment you need to be an active member of the forum before you can create a guide. Any problems PM me.

3. Added International Categories.

A few community members requested a place for non-English discourse. I’ll only added languages when they’re requested - so post a request here.

Surprised no one has requested :oort_o: :oort_o: :oort_r: :oort_t: :oort_i: :oort_a: :oort_n: yet! Disappointing.

Let us know if you have any other ideas / demands.


Ok so could we get an :oort_o: :oort_o: :oort_r: :oort_t: :oort_i: :oort_a: :oort_n: sub category in international?

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Is there an oort nation? Or is it just a species?

its funny ? yes
we need it ? no

pls no overflooting with categories.

Since it’s only a subcategory it wouldn’t really matter. Those who want to find their language will search once and then have it and for the rest of us it’s not a problem either.
Also there aren’t really that many language categories yet so it’s not even a problem there.

but its no language ^^ if you write something its still english language as example but with symbols instead letters.

its funny yes of course but its useless to create a sub catogerie for a single topic…

if you want write in oort glyphe`s you can use the “Lore” categorie, because the glyphes are from the “Lore” and they are “hystorical”

Description from the Lore categorie

Discuss anything to do with the lore, universe and history of the Oort in this section.

It was nothing but a joke

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love the lore letters sometime i will write in oort language xD. at least try it with translation in spanish or english. could be fun

Oortphabet Font :slight_smile:


Did you write this using Stretchious’s English>Oortian dictionary?

No, every symbol represents a character. You can generate them on the forum.


No - the Oortphabet is available to use directly on the forums too :smile:


Just look under the bacon rashers :bacon: in the emoji section :smile:


@james good idea to structure the forum a bit more.

Since some time, I wondered myself, if it would not be handy to add some under structures (maybe in creations) for projects and settlements.

Right now we usually have topics (like for supreme toast base of @ben or the settlement at gortnen I started), which grow endlessly and become bad to review.
Could we maybe create folders / under topics inside Creations, to write topics just belonging these projects?

Would be very nice.

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Realization: We still do not have a worldbuilder guide.

Yeah - it would be awesome if the community started pulling a guide together - even we don’t know how to use the builder :wink:

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I’m on one big topic, what’s less a guide, so I will place it into modding. But I hope it can become a basement to discuss and find conclusions how world builder works. Coming soon

How about a “discussions” category for small topics like “do you want sneaking in B<?” or “should there be a level cap or open ended progression?” that don´t need much elaboration and feel a little bit out of place in the general category.

General works just fine for that by my opinion.


Something I have learned is the more specific you make a category, the more confusion, resistance, and outrage you will get from the community when you try to move or organize improperly placed posts. General should be ok for anything generally about boundless.


@james, what if you create “Wiki” category for topics like wiki articles? I see another wikies has used not so often.