Oortphabet Font

In case anyone wants to play around with the Oortphabet (other than on the forums of course), I created a basic font, which can be downloaded here:-


A couple of bits…

  • Both upper and lower case letters translate to the same Oortian symbol.
  • I placed the opening and closing characters on ( ) , { } and [ ] for the time being, as there wasn’t much else in the standard alphabet that they could translate to - I’m open to suggestions though!

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Thanks - I’m glad they approve :smiley:

:oort_f::oort_r::oort_e::oort_i::oort_n::oort_d: :oort_exclaim:

@Stretchious what did you use to make this font i’ve been looking to make custom fonts

Just used a simple online website called FontStruct
It’s flash driven and uses squares with various pre-defined shapes in to construct each character. First time I’d used it, but it served it’s purpose.

ok thanks for the help

oh god, I opened up some source files with Oortphabet and it was… scary.


Are Boundless devs not required to be able to code in Oortian?^^