Oortian Font (Glyphs)

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Ok to go along with the Oortphabet font - I’ve created a font for Oortian Glyphs as well.

This is by no means a complete list of words, but includes words that I’ve managed to find either from in game, the forums or from the game files themselves (See here for list of known words) … and here’s the font if anyone wants it - http://boundlesscrafting.com/fonts/Oortian.ttf

Edit: just to note, the glyphs are only used on uppercase letters at the moment (I get the feeling I’ll need to use the lowercase ones for a lot more words later!)


Amazing, you’re our resident glyph expert!




Cool. How did you generate these? By modifying images we’ve shared or making them by hand?


Made by hand (kind of!) … I used FontStruct

I’ve left the letter S in there as I created the font from a reference somewhere and promptly forgot the reference, and thus the meaning of the glyph! If anyone could let me know what it is, you’ll win a prize! Ok, so not a prize, but a ‘like’ to your comment and my thanks :wink:


Cool tool. Will have a look at it.

We generate them with a custom tool that allows us to thematically style them.


Cool - I would love to get an inside look at how that works!

So is that the auto-generation tool that was mentioned in a previous post? The one that will also be used for player names / friendship tokens?

I need a badge :stuck_out_tongue:

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Seriously, make that a title for him.


Very impressive. And beautiful. Love it!

Well I posted something to the devlog about it a little back - here.

We also experimented with generating different glyphs for different sizes. We found that something that looked good at 256x256 didn’t scale down well to 16x16, so it was better to uniquely generate them.

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Ah right yes, now I remember seeing that - I’d somehow remembered it in a mixed up context though!

I also remember seeing the Oortphabet text on the new HUD / in-game GUI visuals too - which are using the first initial of the character name right?

So does that mean that the actual glyphs are generated by the tool or that they’re just styled from a pre-existing manually created glyph?

We have a tool that generates the glyphs. The tool has a few difference options for how the glyphs should be styled. (But this is still open to tweaking so that we can get the exact visual look we want.) We definitely needed a tool because it would have taken too much artist time to generate them by hand. This way we can quickly tweak the style and regenerate them all. Once they’re generated we can use them in the GUI and game.

Any idea how many glyphs there are?

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So you give it a word and it makes a glyph out of it?

I’d only managed to create 35 (36 if you count the S!), but I would imagine there are a ton more than that - especially if you name every block, plant, tool and weapon type within the game, along with standard words like ‘sky’ or ‘cloud’! I suspect my standard font file might well be just a smidge too small to accommodate them all!

I haven’t the brain power on a Friday afternoon to try and calculate how many combinations you can create with the spaced 9x9 grid though!

We have an tool that generates the glyph images. Then a dictionary-esk app that allows us to define meaning for each glyph.

Ah right I see - so would it just generate a random glyph, which you then manually choose and apply meaning to?

I was hoping I could reproduce the algorithm with javascript and add it to the crafting site :wink:

Well there is nothing stopping you also procedurally creating the glyphs, alternatively I can share with you some generated assets.


Let this topic be resurrected! magical swaying of hands woo!

Any chance we can have a peek to the words the dictionary already holds? I’m looking for words for some basic stuff.

  • Shop \ shopkeeper
  • Water
  • Hunter
  • Miner
  • Builder
  • Ruin
  • Garden
  • Steam
  • Mountain
  • Future
  • Medieval \ Gothic
  • Viking \ Plunder

I just got curious about this too and found this thread only to see you necro’d it 11 hours ago haha. I too would like to see those words generated.

I’m not sure that those words exist (or ever will for some of them).

With the word glyphs, it’s only possible to have 1044 different combinations - some have been discovered here http://boundlesscrafting.com/lore/glyph (but these were done during early access so may have changed)

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