About those power coils


This balance change was needed because people crafting single items were being hit with a lot of wear, whilst mass crafters were not; however, it sounds like it’s gone too far the other way. We’re thinking about having skills that can effect the amount of wear your machines get, so I had one thought on that when balancing this, but it’s a bit unfair to rely on a skill that isn’t yet in the game.

I’ll take another look at this soon and see what changes can be made to improve it.


i don’t know how it works now (the formula)

i mean, when you start or put in queue the recipe, it takes resources and sparks, but not the wear points of p.coils as it is consumed during the use (when the recipes is completed)…
couldn’t the wear be consumed like sparks and resources?
if so we would be able to repair the wear and put more in queue - then if you cancel the queue you ll have just wasted a little bit of spanner in exchange of some (really few so it’s not something that can be exploited) exp, the p.coil can’t contain more than a fixed quantity of sparks so it shouldn’t bug with the wear regain (or cancel the wear regain on queue cancel)

the skill would augment wear resistance or will work as the bulk/mass craft for resources?


About the spanners. I might make sense that if you use the correct tool you can repair to 100%, but with the wrong one maybe 75%. But the wrong tool repairs less per use currently (I think) so that is perhaps almost the same mechanic.


So does this mean that eventually we will have to spread our skill points even more thinly to do anything or we will have to be so specialised that that’s the only thing we can do unless we have multiple accounts?


The devs have more than alluded to a system where a single character can have different (?hot swoppable) skill loadouts, while not removing alts from the game. I don’t think skill point shortage will be a major issue if that works out.


thx for the reminder :heart:


I hope you’re right … I totally understand that each update brings different tweaks to balance things out but lately I’ve realised I’ve gradually been playing slightly less and less each week. I’ve had a think about this as to why and I’ve realised that it’s because things have becoming slightly more and more tedious. Whenever I go to craft something now I have to ask myself do I really, really need this item because everything now just seems to need so many ingredients that have to go through so many processes that half the time I just decide I can’t be bothered. The fun parts seems to be slowly being scratched away from the game in tiny increments to being replaced with tedious unnecessary time wasting. I still love the game and really hope things eventually balance out.


I know exactly what you mean. I must however admit that this makes me kinda excited. I could not be bothered to spend the blood sweat and tears it takes to craft gem tools, never mind the seasons it would take to get a mass craft going. Sure, one day i might wake up and realise “hey i can mass diamond spanners!!” And do it once for the kick, but that doesnt appeal to me. So i buy them. From people who seem to like making them. A lot of them.

On the other hand i like mind numbing stuff now and again. Whacking for fibres, fixing the forgotten kingdom of cog’s machine pit in my “spare” time, killing portal seekers cuttles with my stone bow if i run into one… I sincerely hope there are more people like me around who enjoy parts that others don’t, as it is essential for a fun economy.

How i approach it: if I’m planning to go do x, and get distracted ending up doing z for an hour, then obviously i enjoyed doing z more. So i look to pay someone to do x for me, and offer to do z for others for compensation. This way i make the game fun by doing what i want (assuming there are people willing to do what i don’t want to)


What? I can use any spanner to repair coils now? So did I waste time and resources making all these stacks of gem spanners for future use?


I know what you mean and I like doing those sort of things too every now and then but crafting is a big part of Boundless so it just seems a bit of a shame that it’s something that I find myself doing less and less of even though power coils were supposed to make some of the processes quicker. Yes they can cut down on production time, which in theory would mean more time doing the fun stuff but instead I just feel tied to the machines because of the constant repairing etc… and that’s after having spent an absolute age getting the materials. … I’ve spent most of my coin on a selection of the power coils so just going out to buy what I want isn’t necessarily an option.


no no the gems still make repairing a breeze, they do 2k repair to the right machine (2k? 20k?) so people complaining about repair time arent using your brand-spanking-new spanners wink

Edit - repair time, not frequency of repairs. That is independent.


The gem ones repair much, much quicker


yep. That’s why i have a bunch of machines each with 1 coil for non-power crafts. Would prefer that the compacter lasted a bit longer but the rest seem okay


I have a gem spanner for each set of coils but that doesn’t stop them breaking down as much. I’m not complaining simply pointing out something that I feel has become unnecessarily tedious.


It just seems counter intuitive after we were encouraged to connect as many spark cores together to get a reasonable life span out of them after they were nerfed to now have loads of machines with just a couple of coils on each when you can connect 24 to 1 machine.


Oh i have 1 beast for each line in progress with max coils (planned lol) but the way power is applied you gain a huge benefit when crafting normal recipes with 100 power, and not much more by crafting the same recipe in a full 24 coil bench. So i think it’s more about players optimising the existing mechanics than the underlying principle being broken…


It looks like I’m just going to have to dismantle my workshop again and build some sprawling warehouse instead that takes up 10 times the footprint. I tend to build more vertically but I guess the mechanics of the game as you say is encouraging us all to spread out as much as possible. Why fix 1 machine with 24 coils when you can fix 24 machines with 1 coil each :crazy_face:


I understand your pain. lol I realized I had too many places on too many planets. So, I have been tearing down several and started building for my alts by the place I was crafting. I realized someday I need a ton of power coils and don’t have the space in the building I have been using. So, I’m making much larger places than I was planning on and will put machines underground with another level under that one to make as a power coil room feeding power up to the machines. The building currently with the machines will become a warehouse. Above ground where building will probably become an area for shop stands with a roof over it to protect my precious skin from solar rays and of course stay dry in rain (and a low wall likely to keep spitters at a distance as they are “vile creatures” in the words of someone when I was new. Ring any bells @Rumplypigskin ) ? :thinking:


Dear devs, please fix power coils. I think there are 3 main issues:

  • They take way too much damage (2-3 mass crafts and they are broke).
  • They ALL take the same damage regardless how many the recipe is actually benefiting from.
  • A broken coil that is not giving a benefit to the recipe, takes more damage past broken and requires additional repairs.
  • All of these are fine, just leave it
  • Some of these should be fixed but others are fine
  • Some of these are critical but others are less of an issue
  • All of these are really annoying and they all need to be fixed soon please!

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I’d also like to add the suggestion of clicking once on the machine with the relevant spanner should fix all the coils attached.