About those power coils


I think each machine should be able to fill up the queue at least twice with mass crafts of the lowest wear recipe for that machine before having to repair it.
maybe one full queue for things like compact medium or hard coal… but I mean what’s the point of having a queue if ONE mass craft will break the machine and all the coils. you should be able to FILL the queue once, not CRAFT once before repairing.


So I’d go further than this and suggest at least 3 runs of the most wearing recipes and work backwards from there.


for sure! I was being VERY generous on the side of more wear, but less is better! :smiley:


Gem ones will give you 10k and 20k when used a designated one. You will enjoy the quick fix. I have no titanium spanner but silver and gold ones make me whack too long so one starts appreciating gem wonders.


The latest release has a rebalance of wear for machines and power coils.

Please keep the feedback coming.


Please make craftable repairbot from ancient technologie and its fixed (also pet mode). :smile:


Little repairing spitterbot.


more about players optimizing the existing mechanics than the underlying principle being broken

I like this. It could apply to a lot of aspects of this game that I hear people ‘talking’ about. I agree that fixing each coil is a pain, it would be nice if they would fix all connected coils like spark generators.


I dont have a problem repairing in fact I pretty much enjoy it, I would be more then happy to come repair peoples coils for a cost :wink::joy: idk it feels good to have to actually repair things. Maybe they could last longer idk but I find it a enjoyable and makes the game feel more interactive


I don’t mind it either, except when you throw a load in your machines before heading to bed then wake up and some of your stuff still hasn’t finished. That’s a bit bothersome. So now I make sure they’re good to go before shutting it down.

On wear: recipes say “causes 300 wear.” Okay 300, that’s not bad. But when you have five advanced coils, that’s really 1500 wear right? 300 for each coil?


Nice necro lads :joy:

This discussion was pre-release and was based on temporary bug that made coils wear too fast. (still remember the pain of it). It’s all nicely balanced now I believe. Doesn’t take too much to take care of wear and enough to make all kinds of spanners needed.


I still hate repairing them !!