About those power coils

Unlike most people who I’ve seen post on this topic, i actually like the way spark and power coils are in general.

I DO have a problem now with having to repair my power coils every few items I craft.

I know that was an intentional change but it really feels bad. I don’t mind repairing the machines themselves often (A pop or two from a wrench isn’t too terrible), but repairing the power coils often is just boring and unpleasant.

I’m not sure what was behind the change, but I strongly suggest reverting it or finding another method to accomplish your purpose.


Yeah I agree, I haven’t checked out how long they actually last but it should be for at least the durability of whatever is queued up even if it’s 20 otherwise what’s the point of being able to queue jobs. Plus you should be able to repair all linked coils in one just like spark cores rather than have to go to each individual one.

Edit: On a positive note the wear bars/indicators are a big improvement :grin:


i agree with the connected coil maintenence/repair, would be great :smiley:

reguarding the duration and system of repair i like the idea that even with a stone spanner i can repair some 100, with gold 2000, gems tool 5000 and correct one doubles the amount, but yeah, probably the actual consumption of coils is too much, probably a durability 3 times of what is now would be a good balance?

or a way with wich you only consume power coils needed, so that the coils in excess are consumed once the first row is exhausted:

example i have:
5 advanced p. coils
3 p. coils
total power: 1800

i use the recipe “compact soft coal”, power usage 500

the compactor will first use the most intellingent/exact combination: 1 advanced and 2 normal power coils
once they are depleted it will use all other combinations 2 advanced power coils at a time for a total power of 600 even if 500 are needed

this way you will still be able to exhaust another 2 combinations of 2 advanced coils;
following this example when all coils are depleted you will remain with 2 normal power coils at full power as you used the first combination
1 advanced + 2 normal (500 power)
and 2 x 2advanced coils (600x2 power)
(total power=1800
power consumption=1700
total power needed=1500)

consequences: you have wasted 200 power and have preserved 2 power coils; this should lead players to take in consideration not only to run to advanced power coils, but to have a good combination of both and to have some spare coils (of both type) to adjust the coils setting based on what you are planning to produce. very rich people will have different workstations with dedicated settings, normal people will play with settings time to time

referring to the first example, would have been better a setting of
3 advanced power coils
6 power coils
(total power=total power consumption=total power needed=1500)


I agree with all said. The coils break so fast, longervqueueing is almost impossible.
It makes sense that coils lose durability faster than before since we can repair it with any spanner. However, it would be good to lower wear ratio to allow at least two few hour crafting. At the moment recipes taking 3-4 hours seem to break enough coils to stop crafting before it ends. I was observing on compacting coal and extracting fresh essence. It would be nice to do 4 medium coal mass compacting without fixing coils. True, I don’t have full coil set up for compactors but I have more than needed for compacting.


Why so little use? There isn’t a machine in the known universe’s real or fake that need that much maintenance. Big machines should last for days not hours. The wear feels very fake to me. Even for a game. Spark generators were ridiculous at one point. But I felt the machines were fine before.


You’ve never owned a British car have you :rofl:


No. It really doesn’t. Not even remotely close when you have max power coils on each machine and you’re crafting a bunch of stuff in each one. It’s like 30 minutes of repairing alone on 120 different power coils on 5 different machines. 24 power coils on the forge when it comes out along with the forge itself. The problem gets worse the more machines you have max power coils with.

That’s a lot of time wasted doing something that could be cut down to merely repairing the machine itself if the power coils had their durability directly attached to the machine itself and just run off it. Less running around wasting time.

It really just comes down to it being a quality of life thing for the players and a technical thing for the developers (if it’s even possible for them to do).


Or… it’s part of the opportunity cost… will i craft my own compact coal knowing I’m gonna be repairing coils the rest of the day, or will i pay someone 10% more to avoid the bit i find grindy?

Not everything is about opportunity cost.

Sometimes it just comes down to what is the most benefiting of an idea for every player. There’s a reason people would like to see a quality of life change to repairing power coils vs not one.

Nope not everything is, agree completely. I merely started with “or” because this is how i view and approach it

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Let’s agree to differ.
I understand why wear builds up faster.
First only gem spanners could fix coils - and only the specific kind for each machine type. So, of course the coils were wearing down slowly, otherwise people wouldn’t afford all the gem spanners.
Now all spanners can fix coils, so its easy to have enough tools to fix them. That’s why they made coils breaking down faster. It’s just they went too far. Balance lays somewhere in between I guess.

I don’t agree with the current wear ratio - it is way too high. We need coils lasting longer.
But I get the idea of change after coils were enabled to be fixed by even stone spanner.

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The crafting tree will not be fun if most of the time is spent with a spanner running back and forth like we use to do on the spark generators. But threads like this lets them know of the situation. It will be checked out.


the point is clear,they get exhausted way too fast…

but they also introduce a mechanic that is bound only to a crafting stage where you are going to mass craft multiple times.

it is easy to mass craft small fossils, compact coals or cogs as the materials needed are easy to find, easy to collect, easy to mass stock. so maybe they should also not consume all that wear? should be “easy recipes” for workstation/coils?

the problematic can be seen from different point of view

@crypticworlds before wrote: “when you have max power coils on each machine and you’re crafting a bunch of stuff in each one. It’s like 30 minutes of repairing alone on 120 different power coils on 5 different machines. 24 power coils on the forge when it comes out along with the forge itself. The problem gets worse the more machines you have max power coils with”

and he is totally right, it becomes a mess… crafters aare going to pass theyr life having to craft while online, cause have to follow production of materials needed for advanced recpes otherwise the power coils will stop working, it ll be a life of wait, repair etc., killing your time and any feeling with what you are doing… coils should be linked between them, if not directly to the workstation they are related/attached


Its not fun repairing them no.

Maybe an auto repair thing for power coils which uses leaves, mud and gravel - organic fuel. (Pretty please introduce a use for these on mass).
You stock it, and only have to repair the auto repair, which has a lot of health but wears down.

Auto repair field
Auto repair drone
Auto repair liquid
Auto repair block

Something along those lines for the plot/beacon.

At the moment I am digging behind the coils in an attempt to be able to reach them, to repair them. :smiley: which looks cool but is not fun gameplay.

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Or repairing one attached to a machine, repairs all.

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I’m a pathological optimist, looking for ways to make the most out of what we have at this moment. Yes, they wear down too fast, i agree on this one.
You can barely get 2 mass crafts of soft coal out before repairing 24 coils, which sucks spheres.

Opportunity for optimising!
You compact a ton of soft coal? You need 500 power, 600 for the biggest marginal speed boost. That means 2 compactors with 2 adv coils each can pump out double the amount of coal that a single max coil machine can. With 24 adv coils you can run 12 dedicated soft coal machines and have only 11 extra machines to repair at the end.

I’m not saying this justifies the current game mechanic, just saying that if you dedicate machines and optimise you can use the mechanic (however broken / OP / unfair) to your advantage by saving time and upping output at the expense of a bit more space


I would have to break existing set up that is a lot of work and take the coils to other machines in the old machine room that don’t have coils (no space for it) - too much trouble for me; I’d rather patiently work through too frequent coil fixing (as I did before with bugged spark cores) and moan about it :wink:

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i think the damage done to the main machine should be devided equally amongst your coils.
so if a batch of “whatever” causes 200 damage to the mixer then each of your four coils would take 50 damage. Or if you only had two coils they would each be hit for 100. If you are using advanced coils a fraction of the damage could be removed. maybe 25%?
this would make sense to me.


I think it’s more of us both having different perceptives on how to solve or fix the problem instead of whether there is an actual problem or not.

When it comes to what is more fun for a player versus what isn’t, I think the option and solution to a problem in the game’s design of power coils needs to be whatever is more fun and enjoyable for the player.

How many people actually like repairing machines, crafting tables, and power coils when you have literately dozens of places you need to stop, aim at, and then click or hold down a mouse button. Probably not very many.

This isn’t about whether or not a Compactor can be repaired with an Emerald Spanner or Sapphire Spanner versus a Ruby Spanner. This is about having to spend time on individual things that compound the consumption of time on something that is ultimately not really playing the game.

My point still stands on whether or not it is even possible to tether power coil durability (if they even need to have durability to begin with) to the machine they are attached to. If it’s possible, why not make it so? If not, why not just remove their durability component to them?

Making things more fun, is usually the better option for a video game that is meant to be fun and entertaining to as many people as possible.


I sure didn’t have fun fixing coils so many times yesterday.
But I do agree with the wear change. Not with the degree of it.