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i saw that some russian players i am befriend in game with that they cant play a lot because they had to use VPN to play the game because they cant connect normally to the game? wtf is that for bullshit? you guys know about this?

Yes it is intended. We saw people using a tactic where they grappled to trees to avoid hoppers and wildstock charges without worrying about the grapple detaching. Next change will be hits from cuttletrunks will cause the grapple to detach.


Brutal! I like that idea


Woah!! Hunts just got less OP, better start re-speccing for that death penalty I’ve been dodging hehe. Agree that it seems reasonable though.

When “decouple on damage” becomes a thing, we could play some wildstock golf by dangling and seeing if they can bump you far enough to clear the lava chasm…

Not sure if it’s a bug or intentional -

I’ve just crafted the Great Luminous brew, and it makes no difference to my character.
Might this be because he already has level 3 of the brightness skills?

@OmniUno, thanks for the screenshot regarding the cloth and leather smart stack issue, I’ve added it to the bug database.

A little as opposed to too much iron in your blood? Although the item description doesn’t state what material the Locations Markers are made from.

It’s intentional. You may find it hard to fight creatures that you cannot otherwise see.

It’s a bit difficult to see it in the screenshot provided, but it’s a small text issue, so I’ll add it to the bug database.

We’ll take a look.

I can see in the screenshot that the Bone Collector III feat is completed but not turning green, so I’ll add this to the bug database.

I did managed to get this to occur once, so there is an issue here and it’s in the bug database.


You’ll find the name within Game Settings.

I’ve not been able to reproduce this, but you have screenshots as proof, so I’ll add these to the database regardless. Were you doing anything differently that may have caused this? For example, did you rush through the tutorial before the objectives had a chance to appear on screen?

It does look kind of weird that players have the option to change the character’s body type, only for the game to then change it back to the default model, so I’ll add a note to the database.

Did you see the following forum topic?

And this quote in particular?

That would explain why.

I think you’ve asked something like this in a previous topic, haven’t you?

Specifically this part:

The Intelligence Bonus only affects healing items rather than a character’s health bar.

Did you submit a crash dump for this (presumably your PC username is Admin as well)?

About the character model issue?

Can you provide some screenshots to further illustrate this?

Thanks for the confirmation.

Does that sound similar to this issue here?

As with @schasm’s issue, I’m having a hard time picturing this. If you can provide screenshots / videos showing this, that would be great.

Where are you getting the negative values from?

If you can provide coordinates I can check if it has anything to do with chunk borders.

Can you give further information on this? What kind of Cuttletrunk was it and what weapon were you using?

Did you find out it was a tutorial objective when you checked Journal -> Objectives?

I can’t reproduce this, but this may be related to the other similar issues reported in this forum topic.

Looks like some of this is being discussed here:

Judging by the comments, this is subject to change.

Thanks for the videos. Both of these have been added to the bug database.

Thanks for the report, this has been added to the database.

I’ll add a note to the database.

Have they already checked out this forum topic?

Maybe that would help.

If your character has all the Light Source skills, then that would make the brew unnecessary.


This isn’t a big issue, but I found what I believe is a typo for the text description of the Bucket of Fortified Milk item. I feel like it should say Mega Brews, not Brews Mega.

Edit: Actually I take that back, the text is correct. It’s is just a little confusing to me with the way it’s been worded.

@vdragon I did submit logs, the username should be crutc
Oh and the issue I was facing was crashing and then having tutorial issues.
However, I do feel as if you should be able to change character model in sanctum (at the moment you can’t)

If your character has all the Light Source skills, then that would make the brew unnecessary.

That’s annoying. Guess I’ll just have to sell them!

Dangit, sorry, I meant to include those :stuck_out_tongue:

I just wanted you to know @vdragon that you do a wonderful job with these posts! You are amazing and appreciated constantly. I happened to read one once looking for something (I hate looking at things like this normally) and instantly loved your style. Ever since the first time I look forward to your reply posts and read every word. The team is great and you are one of the best on giving the team that reputation. Thank you!


have just spoken to him the 1 having a sign on his ingame house about it :stuck_out_tongue: i said he could better report the things on the main website of boundless because you guys are more active here.

ow and i have gotten the bug too what is very scary:P. just mining a bit in a cave i just jump on the ground but its not straight line terrain so i get stuck or something. So i get to hear the sound like im always coming onto the ground sound then when i jumped it lags really weird then poof teleported somewhere else but close… a bit further away im mining agian then jump to the right i get stuck in the wall and got instantly teleported above the ground… lol. i was like wtf?

Just fell from ice block 6-8 blocks down on another ice block and got 1400+ fall dmg :O!!!
half my hp gone…

EDIT: it was from ice block to stone… oopsie

I am the one of the russian players who are experiencing unability to play game due to Telegram blockings in our country. The following IPs are affected (at least for my ISP): and two others posted in the thread seem to be unaffected.

I’ve managed to get a temporary workaround by setting up VPN on my Italian-based VPS I use for development things and routing Amazon subnets through it, but sadly it increases latency and uses more throughput, so the game is barely playable half of the time :unamused:

I guess we should just wait when these clowns will realize that banning /12 subnets is plain dumb and unblock them (sorry for the rant, but these blockings affected about half of the websites I use, including Github Releases and NuGet). Of course I’m not asking to move the servers somewhere, I think about a maximum of 5 people from my country is playing Boundless so it’s not worth the effort.

By the way, are these Amazon instances offer the same functionality (I mean, are they replicas of the same server in different geo zones)?
If so, I think I could try to re-route the blocked IPs to the accessible ones through hosts or netsh to make things simpler.

This is the only game I keep playing despite the necessity of a VPN. Thank you very much for your hard work :slight_smile:


Here here! VDragon is very patient and states things very clearly. A hard job, I 'm sure and done with style!

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I can’t reproduce that block beyond issue again so I guess it must’ve been lag of some kind or very specific.
I have noticed something odd tonight which is probably not but may be a bug duping items. Is it best/possible to PM a dev?

I am finding it impossible to open a new portal. I was attempting a 2x3 portal from andooweem to Vena V and can’t get it to open. I’ve tried going both ways, from either direction, swapped the portals to both face N-S as well as opposing one N-S one E-W. The process goes smoothly as it should while connecting, waiting for world to respond - but as soon as it should start loading and turn green it just stops. It is as if the “waiting for world data” step bombs out the process.

Anyone with similar experience / any fixes?

@lucadeltodecso I assume you also saw my post about the continuing problems with settlement definition.

Basically I had a house with plots (Xaldafax - location: 1020N, 1474E Berlyn). Then I added my 2 alt houses around it (Merlyn - location: 995N, 1452E & ShadowFax - location: 969N, 1465E). Finally I created a new beacon called Eden (location - 960N, 1440E) on the other side of the alts and built out the village of Eden. Before the path Reapall’s house (beside the Eden village beacon - location: 935N, 1420E) was not part of our settlement. After the recent patch, his is now part of the settlement and my original house is not.

That original house has plots on two sides that are part builds and natural land but only a little bit. But there is enough builds that it shouldn’t really be considered a “road” due to things not being far apart. Yet somehow I am now removed from main main settlement splitting my prestige across 2 beacons and settlements.

Can you or @vdragon check out the location and help explain why the settlements are NOT merging and staying connected like before.

So determined it was the bad lag I have on the Aus server worlds preventing me from opening portals… Got sorted out with @Raziels01’s help