ISSUE: Resolving Release 192 lost crafting items

What happened:
The initial release to Live of Release 192 contained a serialisation bug that resulted in players losing all queued and completed recipe items if the servers restarted. The issue effected all machines and all worlds. This resulting in many players losing many crafting inputs.

We’re sorry about the issue as we appreciate the investment required to gather and prepare all the crafting resources.

What we’ve done:
We fixed the issue and released a patch in Release 192.1.

Please let us know if you discover any more issues.

Recovering lost items:
Given the scale of the lost items and the number of players effected we have investigated ways to recover the items.

We considered rolling back the worlds to the snapshot before the update, but ultimately concluded that this would instead negatively effect players who made progress since the release.

Instead we’re in the process of implementing a small feature that will gift the missing crafting items back to the players. This feature will be accessed directly from your inventory. There is no need to prepare for it. We will announce the item recovery via a patch release note.

The lost items should be available for players to recover this week.

We will also review our release process to make it more robust against these sorts of issues in the future.

UPDATE: Release 192.3 has been pushed and contains a gifting function that can be access directly from your inventory. If you lost any items then you will be able to recover them 1 at a time into your inventory. If you didn’t lose any items then the gifting function will not be shown.

NOTE: We couldn’t always determine which crafts were lost, so if there was any doubt, we have gifted additional items. We also couldn’t always determine the tints of some items, if this happened, you will receive the default tint for the world.

(We could have spent more time to make the process fully accurate, but on brief evaluational it would have been quite complicated and take a fair chunk of development time. We concluded that at this point, this wasn’t time well spent.)

We have added some additional tasks to our backlog and schedule to make sure we have all the information in the future.


How will you know what was lost?

Do we need to list it somewhere?

I’ve lost 100 restorative oil
50 buckets
roughly 150 - 200 sackcloth (not sure if I set 3 or 4 going)
and 200 brew container 4

It’ll be in the server logs, and will be a case of interrogating those logs at the time of the update. Basically anything that was crafting or in the output area will have a log entry which can then be returned to the player.


Great, thanks Stretch. I won’t add 500 diamonds then :wink:


It’s awesome that you take the time to recover all the items. You could’ve easily just done nothing and said “thats what you risk when playing in early access” but instead you put in effort to make the players happy :+1:


I’m glad it happen and so they can make a good way to fix it. so they learn from the mistake and are prepared in the future after 1.0


Thank you for doing this, I really appreciate it.


Yes, thanks a lot!!! This makes me so happy!! I don’t mind waiting a bit to get my items back, but losing them for good would have made me super sad… Thanks again =D


Updated OP with details of the item recovery process and it’s limitations.


Thank you
Much appreciated.

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That’s why I got a huge stash of gifted oort shard… thank you! :grin:

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(Ehem… :joy:)

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