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about the coordinates of that place… somebody suddenly build something there… so its no use… about the fall dmg… its like they saw it and trolled me by doing that :stuck_out_tongue:


weird i did some stuff like removing plots then set them again… hm doesnt help… i can still give people rights to let them do the 3 options you can activate but i still cant see who are in my settlement and got now the message about - Bridges multiple settlements… what catfud was showing :frowning:
But i did that to a connection that isnt having a settlement yet…so that is weird…


The settlement bug continues and the new changes in the algorithm has now taken one of my buildings that was originally part of Eden and removed it into its own “Eden” settlement resulting in 2 Eden villages on Berlyn.

Before all my stuff was in Eden and Reapall was not in Eden. Now he is and I was pulled out even though I have both builds.

Do we have any ETA or ways to fix this?


did this fix it yet?


I have had this happen 4 times since the update as well.


I don’t have roads between my two settlements listed as a problem. I have multiple plots on both sides.


Multiple plots on both sides of what?

I’ve had similar issues multiple times in my village as we build loose standing structures especially for the purpose of having “wild” plots inside our greater village boundary.

Adjusting our plots as described by @lucadeltodecso and others has been successful in keeping our relatively sparsely built settlement under one banner.

Once two settlements are registered, anything built inbetween (touching both) will register as a “bridge” wether it is road-shaped or not


Sorry, but that is just not how the settlements work.

When the settlements get updated, they do not consider existing settlements in any way whatsoever other than trying to preserve the names of settlements. So the fact that there are 2 settlements that already existed has no effect whatsoever on what settlements will later exist (only what they might be named). So if you have two settlements and then populate the inbetween with sufficiently dense plots to not be classed as a road, then those settlements will “merge” together (by which I mean that it will stop generating 2 settlements, and start generating a single settlement that covers the expanse of what used to be both of them, and be given a name based on which of the two had more prestige, its not “really” merging anything).


Awesome, thanks for that!


Okaaay, sooo today we messed arround with the Profanity Filter and found some Issues, you might wanna now… clears throat

First we think its a little Problematic, that you can’t see for yourself, that you got blocked. Cause lets say someone is typing a little in Rage and writes Message after Message without looking for feedback, and no one is able to understand him cause he just writes stars xD

And the Second thing is, if you add 2 or more letters in front of every swear, the Profanity Filter ignores it, as Example:



meheee but we liked to be connected only with roads that was the whole idea of me connecting to people and they to me and make a big settlement out of it… would be awesome if you had a option to accept the only road connection to some1 and be a settlement togeter.


i saw that some russian players i am befriend in game with that they cant play a lot because they had to use VPN to play the game because they cant connect normally to the game? wtf is that for bullshit? you guys know about this?


Yes it is intended. We saw people using a tactic where they grappled to trees to avoid hoppers and wildstock charges without worrying about the grapple detaching. Next change will be hits from cuttletrunks will cause the grapple to detach.


Brutal! I like that idea


Woah!! Hunts just got less OP, better start re-speccing for that death penalty I’ve been dodging hehe. Agree that it seems reasonable though.

When “decouple on damage” becomes a thing, we could play some wildstock golf by dangling and seeing if they can bump you far enough to clear the lava chasm…


Not sure if it’s a bug or intentional -

I’ve just crafted the Great Luminous brew, and it makes no difference to my character.
Might this be because he already has level 3 of the brightness skills?


@OmniUno, thanks for the screenshot regarding the cloth and leather smart stack issue, I’ve added it to the bug database.

A little as opposed to too much iron in your blood? Although the item description doesn’t state what material the Locations Markers are made from.

It’s intentional. You may find it hard to fight creatures that you cannot otherwise see.

It’s a bit difficult to see it in the screenshot provided, but it’s a small text issue, so I’ll add it to the bug database.

We’ll take a look.

I can see in the screenshot that the Bone Collector III feat is completed but not turning green, so I’ll add this to the bug database.

I did managed to get this to occur once, so there is an issue here and it’s in the bug database.


You’ll find the name within Game Settings.

I’ve not been able to reproduce this, but you have screenshots as proof, so I’ll add these to the database regardless. Were you doing anything differently that may have caused this? For example, did you rush through the tutorial before the objectives had a chance to appear on screen?

It does look kind of weird that players have the option to change the character’s body type, only for the game to then change it back to the default model, so I’ll add a note to the database.

Did you see the following forum topic?

And this quote in particular?

That would explain why.

I think you’ve asked something like this in a previous topic, haven’t you?

Specifically this part:

The Intelligence Bonus only affects healing items rather than a character’s health bar.

Did you submit a crash dump for this (presumably your PC username is Admin as well)?

About the character model issue?

Can you provide some screenshots to further illustrate this?

Thanks for the confirmation.

Does that sound similar to this issue here?

As with @schasm’s issue, I’m having a hard time picturing this. If you can provide screenshots / videos showing this, that would be great.

Where are you getting the negative values from?

If you can provide coordinates I can check if it has anything to do with chunk borders.

Can you give further information on this? What kind of Cuttletrunk was it and what weapon were you using?

Did you find out it was a tutorial objective when you checked Journal -> Objectives?

I can’t reproduce this, but this may be related to the other similar issues reported in this forum topic.

Looks like some of this is being discussed here:

Judging by the comments, this is subject to change.

Thanks for the videos. Both of these have been added to the bug database.

Thanks for the report, this has been added to the database.

I’ll add a note to the database.

Have they already checked out this forum topic?

Maybe that would help.

If your character has all the Light Source skills, then that would make the brew unnecessary.


This isn’t a big issue, but I found what I believe is a typo for the text description of the Bucket of Fortified Milk item. I feel like it should say Mega Brews, not Brews Mega.

Edit: Actually I take that back, the text is correct. It’s is just a little confusing to me with the way it’s been worded.


@vdragon I did submit logs, the username should be crutc
Oh and the issue I was facing was crashing and then having tutorial issues.
However, I do feel as if you should be able to change character model in sanctum (at the moment you can’t)


If your character has all the Light Source skills, then that would make the brew unnecessary.

That’s annoying. Guess I’ll just have to sell them!