Accidental Character Deletion


Today when I booted up the game I had three character slots, all of which were full. I was unaware that the patch had made the default character slots to 1. In the past I was able to remake my characters. I would like to completely start over, as there have been quite a few changes since I last played. Can I either get my other characters back (they were somewhat new), or start my main character fresh?



Due to last patch, you ill have to buy character slots from the exchange menu to “pay” the dept in character slot we had.


Understood. Is there a way to start my one remaining character over?


Its a current issue, you need to have a secondary character to be able to delete your character. this may be fixed soon.


Alright, thanks!


Yeah, you are right to be a little annoyed. Its just one of the few weird issues that still needs fixed. It will be shortly


yeh once reset happens in approx one week we all start from 0 again anyway (single character slot)