Active player issue

I plan on maxing out all my power coils some time in the next few weeks.

Yes that surely would help for a time… i still have much in mind with our settlement and i am one of the player who is nor bored at all, especially since i have to do all things alone and in advantage to help Ultima.
My next game i want to play is short before Pre-Alpha, that means for me, much time to spend much time in Boundless.
As long there are player who stay and hold the hotspots running, new player will have much to explore.

But in expecting of the new things that get implemented, we are able to run a living world. Just my suggestions for more interactive stuff would help us to give returner as newbies an exciting gameplay.

I think the game is gonna be a slow burner. It’s found its soul and is now calibrating. I already moved out of the woods and into a city cuz I felt lonely. I could see players huddling up even more on a few core planets. There are two types of ppl. Those who get lonely in Boundless and quit and those who get lonely in Boundless and move nearer to others. The ppl who want this game to be something it isn’t will huff and puff and leave. But the ppl who stay will continue to shape it and attract more likeminded ppl. And then slowly it will grow.

I think the game needs a more aggressive cadence of cubit content though to keep the money flowing. It’s hard to stay on a long term trajectory to the promised land, in the face of impatient/incompatible player headwinds, when you also don’t have the cash to back the journey.


Most of the gameplay in Boundless is semi brain dead activities. Very little casual gameplay experiences, no exploration to speak of to be honest, even though that was one of the selling points and they fell very short in that department.

Eliminating the same “wild life” on every world in every direction is extremely off putting. Even the metoerites have exactly the same “wild lifel” there are no enemies or proper mmo mechanics in terns of loot.

Generally the game is building, and more building. A lot of people especially on the PS thought it would be more of a survival game slash mmo elements tied in. Its just a building platform for creativity purposes.


I would say it’s a living canvas for player creativity. On one end of the spectrum the artist has full control of their tools. Image editing software is like that. You can use any color as much as you want and you have them all. On the other end is real life where everything costs money that you could have spent on food or rent so you live in a constant state of stifled creativity. Games want to land somewhere in the middle. I think this game has a good mix of grind and expression. It’s at the point where you can look at a tower made entirely of titanium plating and it is impressive not just for the placement of the blocks, but also the material used. Many players desire titanium (e.g.) simply for its color and balk at the grind to get thousands of them for their dream. But I think that adds texture to the game which separates it from image editing software.


Also here

You will see there is lots of discussion of this topic.

Nothing wrong with stating your concerns, but it is a common concern.


People got tired of grinding . So they bought Fallout 76 and grinded in that game. Once they’re sick and tired of the stupid grind mechanics that Bethesda implemented, they’ll play AC Odyssey and grind it out in that game. Give it 6 months and the devs will introduce new content in this game. Players will resub and grind out the new content before they get bored because of the grindy game mechanics.

And then they’ll buy a great MMO like Division 2 and do more grind. And eventually complain about how grindy that game is. In an effort to to get some relief from the state of todays grindy MMOs, they’ll buy Destiny 3 and grind grind grind some more.


Lol I just grinded out reading your reply, but I had fun at the same time.

And I think that is the point… at least it is for me. For me, it is the fun test. Am I having fun? If not, I try to do something fun to me. Life is way too short of a grind as it is, to not enjoy your time.

7200 on all machines? Lofty goal indeed! Do you have more than 1 of each type of machine?

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1 of each, I have a stack or two of nice AoE hammers so it’s just a matter of mining the materials. I want to do a machine build like Cerebro on the xMen movies where I walk out and can reach 5 of the 6 machines while standing in one spot… one to my left, one to my right, one in front, and the last couple one above and one below.

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haha, sounds awesome!

I also try to keep storage boxes with the items I need most for certain mahines nearby so I only have to turn and not move about to grab stuff. But I made my work area bigger past few days and that won’t be so easy anymore tho I have plans of moving the machines now too! And I already had a bit of a ‘corner for this, corner for that’ going and might expand on that a bit more. Like right now I have 1 Extractor that I use exclusively to make forge materials so it’s next to the Centraforge, but since brewing and cooking share some of the mats the 2 mixers for those (1 for brews, 1 for pies/bread) is quite near, and of course needed more Extractors for that too. So on one side I have 2 forges (started with 1), 1 forge exclusive Extractor, 2 mixers and 2 Extractors for brewing/cooking nearby. Oh and a Refinery for sugar and such. In the middle I have 2 workbenches, on the other side I have the stone/brick/decoration area with 2 mixers (1 mostly used lately for making alloys and as an extra for when making a lot of brick, the other is purely for brick mix making), 2 refineries and 2 compactors between those and the workbenches. One compactor is always busy with coal, the other is doing compacted ores/gems to make otehr stuff with usually in the workbench.

And then I have a whole bunch more machines which were meant to only have spark and are actually side by side (the others have 2 block spaces between them to allow for the coils under the floor) but since then I’ve added coils to a workbench there and an extractor which are at the opposite corners…

Sigh, need a bigger space! haha lol, nah, need to re-arrange it, again! :slight_smile:

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It is winding down. They successfully patched out the fun with every “update”, up to a point where its just not worth the time. Also doesnt help that they keep moving the carrot on a stick constantly.

I had big hopes for the “private” planets, but lets be honest… we already have more planets than active players.


I think the lack of content and increased grinding has turned a lot of people off playing, I hear this comment often. Rather than pad the game with interesting content ( which will take time) they have increased the grind to slow people down, assumed to be because they want to keep people busy until more content is introduced. The problem is now we have players who are just waiting to see what happens next with patches before they play again and empty worlds, which then gives people the impression this game is losing players. If I was running things I would be thinking about leaving the nerf bat alone for a bit and concentrate on content patches to get folks back and engaged.

Another comment is that the all of the veterans who accumulated wealth early on pre nerfs and changes are just monopolising everything and a new player is pretty much doomed to be a consumer scrapping around the edges forever.

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I’ve never found this grind (gathering resources) , easier than it is now.

Bouncing around new planets, filled to the brim with resources ready to be plucked, smashed and grabbed.

The tools provided are better than ever with souped up versions more readily available and cheaper than ever before.

This is not a game that delivers Immediate gratification but rather rewards players who invest time in playing.

Just my cup of tea.


It comes down the the server math on why they’re not advertising. The universe can only support 3840 people(up from 3360 before the new planets, 480 increase) at absolute max capacity. We’re sitting at a comfortable 10-15% saturation right now and people still occasionally complain about server issues. Ultima at a peak hour can get sketchy as is

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I always thought it was due to the high cost of advertising.

Grab them while you can as it may change shortly.

It tends to be like this in a lot of mmo’s where a small percentage of the players get to usually and it’s about maintaining balance where enough people want to reach it to keep the population healthy while attracting enough newer players to play early and mid game to keep that part of the game alive.

Very recent new title is Let’s Go Eevee/Pikachu. You know how those Pokemon games grab ppl.

Not saying it’s addictive or any thing, but cough I’ve chained enough vulpix’s to get near perfect IVs and a shiny. coughcough Totally not addictive though.

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I really wish they would quit doing this. All 12 people who want this are thrilled I’m sure.


Relax, when the holiday starts, then the population will rise again. Some of us are just resting, not quitting.