Active shops

Please feel free to add your shop to this list, or the ones you know are active (so have a fairly active owner who refills his/hes shop(s) at least sometimes).

My shop (Therka City, near @Jeffrotheswell s portal hub), compact peat, glass and all kinds of bricks for 15c and lantern for 30c (cause I specced to shovel I can make them easily thats why they are cheap), and now refined silver for 400c and refined gold for 500c

@Xamora s shop (Therka City, near @Jeffrotheswell s portal hub). I know him irl, and he wanted to post this for him, he usually sells tools and gleam, with variable prices.

And two other shops which ones have their own topic:


TRader’s Parish underneath Scratch’s island, to the back of Elop Portas will probably have things in it at any given time


I run quite big shop at Therka but it’s closed for now because of the coin glitch. Someone bought all my hammers for 7k each ;_;

@Karokendo: There’s quite a lot of coin in the economy. The glitch looks old - are you sure it still exists? I have dozens of hammers in my shop at 4k each - people do buy them, but I have yet to see a deal exceed 100k coin (which I have only ever seen once).

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167 was released back in June, and introduced a bug that gave @SWProzee1 69,717,880 coins upon reaching level 50;

I believe the bug received a hot-fix shortly after @SWProzee1 reported it, but it’s still unclear how many people received the bug. Not everyone is as forthcoming as @SWProzee1, and some people may have received that astronomical amount who aren’t even active members on the forums.

That being said, you’re the man to talk to about stock disappearing at high prices. Perhaps this isn’t something to worry about, but I can see why @Karokendo would be weary.

Is there any way for the developers to track down people with X amount of coin? @olliepurkiss.

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We track a large amount of analytics, so it is possible to find out who has gained large amounts of Coin, and see how many people benefited from this bug.

Up until now the problem has been prioritising time to study the analytics vs feature development. This has been greatly improved with the return of @Tobelawe, who has recently re-joined us, but now as a programmer. He’s currently working on mining our data, and setting up complex queries to track all sorts of interesting metrics. Looking into the economy will be a key part of that, and I will ask him to post on his findings as soon as he is up to speed.


There’s an active shop at KrakenDown on Solum. It’s the first thing you see after using @SWProzee1 's portal to Solum.

This is an old picture, it has since been expanded significantly to include more shop stands and request baskets.

I also believe that if you exit the portal, turn left and then left again (heading ‘behind’ the portal building) that @Kal-El is building a market there as well. Either way it’s his property and I believe he’s intending to put a market on there somewhere.

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And I can promise everybody that I am not abusing the coins I have. (And DEVS can track that back in the logs to see that I am not lying)
It would ruin the market completely if I would go wild and buy everything that is for sale.

3000+ coins for a hammer is still way to expensive in my opinion.
Then I rather go get the resources and make the tools myself. :smiley:

(People even asked me to buy at their shop or give them loans, but I simply won’t respond to that)


Couldn’t you throw it away? Pretty sure you can put your coin in a buying plinth then destroy it and leave it to degenerate.

I’m not accusing you of abusing the coin by the way. I just think removing it from your inventory would solve your issue, and still allow you to continue the game without having to keep track of how much coin you have.

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You assume that I am having a problem… but I don’t.

I don’t see an issue here, and once more, you can trust me !

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I trust you @SWProzee1.


maybe devs change it for oort so the superhub stays open forever yay
they could do it because it serve half community
permanent portal status
this should be sugestion sorry lol

I run the Vulcanis fuel shop right off of Heureka road 1. Look for the Red gleam and coal sign. currently selling soft and medium coal blocks, and miscelaneous mining goods. buying oort stone, may sell oort shards if I get enough excess


My friend Cronzfear has an active shop in Renegades Cove, Solum.

It’s connected to Pixel Gate via portal.


Looks really good, a bit expensive though!


New pictures of the market at KrackenDown. Please ignore the hatchet.


Crazy shop at KrackenDown.

Look how many people buy items there !


Ads getting smarter.


Aha, this is where I go to browse stuff!

Omg lol the lvl 50 70mill coins bug, explains alot…

Yeah i shop at the KrackenDown, its even easier now thanks to SWProzee’s new Port. so easy to get lost in portals before…