Add job boards..?

Should we try to get a player run Job Board style system added to Boundless?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t know…
  • I have another idea (list)

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Saw the topic suggested in the Oort post and thought OMG why isn’t this a thing?? It would really help to give you The Feels when you play Boundless and would do so much to bring the comminity together. New players would feel less lost, etc.

Why job boards, you ask? Aren’t request baskets job boards? Yes and no. A request basket is a cold piece of hardware that kinda leaves you feeling ripped off when it’s right next to a shop stand selling the same %&*# thing for 10x more… A job board says, “Hey man, be a pal and bring me 50 bones plz?”

Instead of having no idea what to do today, a job board could help you find purpose. A few times I’ve went out farming for a request basket only to find it empty when I returned, and me stuck with a few smart stacks of junk I don’t really need at the moment.

Ok enough ranting. Here’s how it works: You post the job and the offer (could possibly be a barter such as this forged hammer for 150 compact hard coal or 40 oort stones etc.), someone accepts/purchases the contract and has X hours (24 by default) to complete it. If they don’t complete it you get the coin they used to purchase it, but if they finish it they get that money back.

What would really make this fun is if you could write a 500-1000 character description to go with your contract… could be roleplay quest text, could be humorous stories about why you need these items… Ultimately the point of it all is to get together and have fun!


As long as it requires both parties to put something into it or it requires the requested/completed items to be placed in it for the employee to retrieve the agreed upon item(s)/coins. (Just in case players are in different time zones or keep missing each other)

Down the rabbit trail…Once you take the contract, maybe you get a little work vest or a hard hat that you can wear - or a small icon on your UI with a countdown timer. Maybe you can earn the hard hat or work vest(not tradeable) by completing X number of jobs - possibly earning a 10% bonus on any jobs paying coin.


Yup the barter item / reward will need to be posted in order to “activate” the board, and once a job is started the contract / board /whatever thingy gets sealed so the owner cant pull out u til completed or the time lapses.

A deposit as suggested by the OP would be veery important to prevent griefing, i.e. someone recurrently accepting and thus locking a quest every day so nobody can complete it. Sounds like a lot of effort, but trolls gonna troll. Like the idea :+1:


A barter facility would be neat, but with the current player-base as it is I think it would serve to further limit the number of people willing to take up your job. Sticking to coins might be simpler and more often used. Then if Boundless really takes off, they could look into adding a barter style option later.

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The real issues with any type of contract system is enforcement. If you are trading something specific like cobalt blue refined metamorphic stone for a specific amount of coin it works fine. If they deliver they are paid, The system is able to determine if what was requested was received just like it can with the request baskets.

I am skeptical about the system being able to determine if a forged tool has all the boons and none of the quirks the requesting party wants. I see this part as a time drain for the developers having to mediate if the job was completed or not. Also how long does someone get to fulfill the job? Do that have to add a timer so the players have to complete the job in an agreed upon time?

I just think adding functionality that for the most part exists in the request baskets is unnecessary effort and it carries its own issue. This is why I voted no.

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I’ve been trying to think of a way to make a sign wall in game. Maybe like a wall under one beacon to protect its blocks, but with another beacon next to the wall to allow players to place signs or something. I dunno… still a work in progress, but I used to play on multiplayer Minecraft servers and sign walls were a big part of the way the community showed itself. I think we just need a way for players to be able to leave a noticeable message on the wall and ingenuity can take over from there. I know we have mailboxes currently, but it would be nice to have an equivalent outside the in game chat system so that it could actually be preserved and seen in the world.

If someone offered a hammer, you could see its boons but you wouldn’t likely be able to say “Hey, somebody make me a hammer with X Y and Z.”

We have asked for a contract system MANY times… I don’t think they know or believe it will be as helpful as some people do.


I would Love a contract system , after Holidays i ll will try to implement such a Thing to my Shop in a small Version
Would BE nice to have a real system working.

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It’d be nice if you could offer Exp. as a reward as well, maybe at a 2:1 ratio with coins. New players need the XP more than anything.

Or have an XP mechanic built into the system somehow.

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At TNT we use to run a manual exchange/contract system. We basically had a big sign board with mats we wanted and were trading with coin values next to each to facilitate the exchanges. We then made separate vaults which permed only one of us and the person we were trading with, they would drop off and collect the trades in these vaults, sometimes mats for mats, sometimes mats for coins etc.
It was a trust based system and it worked well.
We have built the new bank since moving to Circ however we just haven’t got it fully going as yet.
An in game system for it would be good, but then it would likely have to impose a time limit to ensure the person comes through.

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I used to do the same thing with Awkward back in the day, it was awesome!

I think it would be cool to have player made quests/contracts. However they would need to not give xp, be coin based and have the tax of said coin payout as the posting price to keep it balanced with the current market tools we have. I wanted to run an adventurer’s lodge when the game released, but we don’t have the players or the systems to make it into anything other than a logistical and administrative nightmare.


I got a job for u…go get me some diamond and put in my request baskets…then when your done all the rest of the gems please…lol. isnt that the same…dirtymayo. hunt hive. Thanks. Sorry i cannot refill coin once completed …family emergency going on

Aquatopia @the-moebius already has something like this. There is a contract message board area for people who live there. They edit the many signs to ask for something, and how to get the exchange made, and someone sees it and if they want they can full fill the request (how I got 10k bones a month or two ago). It was quick on my side, took less than a week, and I made sure I was paying several times more than I normally did for the object to try and make it more worth their time.