Add Lesser Oort to the game that can only be used for same planet portals

Reading this I get the impression that the main reason why Oort is so scarce is to reduce the costly network traffic between servers.

My suggestion is to add a new fuel, Lesser Oort. The Lesser Oort would be much cheaper and easier to farm. It could be mined, it could be farmed, it could be gathered, maybe all of them. This Lesser Oort should be way way cheaper then normal Oort on the market and I would like if it would be obtainable without hunting.

The limitation of Lesser Oort is that it can only fuel a portal on the same planet. These portals should be basically free for Wonderstruck as they required no network communication between the servers.

This would have the following advantages.

  • You’re encouraged to connect to a portal network hub on your planet. You might even be able to connect to 3 or 4 of them for the same cost as one 1x2 portal at the moment. And this reduces the network traffic.
  • The remaining Oort will still be expensive, but there will be more available for the hubs as same planet portals no longer consume Oort.
  • Because we can connect to more hubs now, the hubs get more footfall, which means they can pay more for Oort. The more expensive Oort gets, the lesser likely are we to wast it for “useless” portals, therefore reducing the network load.

That’s exactly the opposite of what needs to happen in order to reduce overheads. The jump from my base to the local hub downloads that world data each time (unless it’s still cached). They need to make it cheaper for me to hook up directly to a major hub, such as the nearest T3 PS hub which avoids jumping to my planet, and then to the T3, marginally reducing the server load due to not needing to load additional chunks of my home planets.

So as an example TNT and Ultima hubs are cheaper for Wonderstruck than Portal Seekers and Tiggs Tunnels. It’s all about number of jumps, and not related to where those jumps go.

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I would counter this by just decreasing oort amalgam craft cost… atm its too high to be “greater oort fuel” as poll showed here on forums. No one uses it.

If you rly want lesser fuel for portals… i would suggest like oort shrapnels that could possibly farmable.
Ofc it should be like half from the oort shard… ->1x2 full stack -> 2 Weeks portal or something.


Agreed, a step up from normal shards would be good. The amalgam seems to want to fill that niche, but it’s not quite there yet with efficiency

I think the poll for it was rly good… devs now see that its not used… ofc they see it through game logs etc but meh it should reward user somehow.


Amalgam-fuelled portals now SPARKLE!

Demand increased by 5000% instantly.

They sparkle?

Nah, I’m just joking on how they could make the fuel more attractive. :joy:

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Oh okay, I had never seen an amalgam fueled one, thought you were serious haha

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I don’t think lesser oort should be added to the game, as it would divide what is obtained from meteors, meaning you get less of the one you want per fight and you would need to do more fights to get the amount you want. But I do not think that it is fair to pay more for a 2x2 than a 1x2 to a same planet destination.

Could always have some sort of portal alternative for local travel, like a port key. You touch it and WOOSH! Reappear at the destination. But the fuel is something other than Oorts, costs fuel per jump. Must have beacon permissions to use.

Probably a solution in search of a problem though, since portals already do that.

Maybe it could cost coins, and they could call it something like “warp”.

Or maybe require legs and call it “walking” :joy:

It’d be a fast warp and cost something other than coins.

You can’t have legs without pants tho.

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