CRAZY IDEA : free portal token

Y’all know I’m going away (maybe forever, not sure yet), but before I go, I’ll try this one last CRAZY IDEA™.

When talking about the “reasons why we’re going away”, having to go on (admittedly subjectively) boring hunts with 40 people to steamroll meteorite events to farm oortshards, in order to maintain our portals open, it’s right up there in the top 5 reasons.

If I could maintain the few portals connecting some part of my city to my workshop for free, I would’ve been happier.

I wonder if the devs could re-work how portals work.
I’m talking blinksec and oort-shard cost.
To be fair, I don’t know the actual server limitations relating to portals.

What would be the main reason to not allow portals leading to another place within the same beacon to cost only the initial oort-shard cost and be free afterward?
Ok, I know you can virtually have a beacon that spans an entire world, and that would open people to make an infinite number of portals, but then, put some different limits in place, like a max number of free portals per chunk? A max number of free portals per account?

I mean, if you’re on a creative world, last I checked, you don’t have any limits to how many portals you can open, right? So far, Malentir and I haven’t noticed any issue. You have 0 portal fuel cost all around, and I think you can open portals to other creative worlds all around, right?

Do you actually have a suggestion?

Imagine having the ability as a Gleam Club user (or any player if that’s not too much) to create up to 3 or 5 “free portal location tokens”, which can ONLY open portals from a given world to the same world, and only cost the initial 50 oortshards, but then, are fuel-free. That way, any players could enjoy the ability to be connected to their local portal network, capital city, friend, etc.
These portals would last as long as the beacon does.

What do you think?


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Ymg’ ahor fhtagn, h’ ah nafl ahoth l’ nafl’fhtagn

(dedicated to all of those who used to vote for my Ftaghn options)


Way to restrictive. The whole portal situation should be completely reworked.

What I think what the devs wantet:

  • Difficult to travel between planets, only sparse portals should be available. Warping should be luxury.
  • Finding a portal should be something special (hence why they are visible on the compass)
  • Independent market on planets, on a coal planet fuel should be cheaper, on a lush planet beans should be cheaper (hence no working trading functionality in the game)

What we actually got:

  • Travelling is cheap because there are plenty of portal networks.
  • Finding a portal is irrelevant because we have free recall without a cooldown
  • There’s a global market because of BUTT, malls and it is easy to move goods from one planet to another because of portal networks and free, cooldown free recalls.

Handing out some free, restricted portals would be a band aid. They would better fix the whole situation.

  • BUTT should be in the game. Accessible from craftable BUTT stations.
  • Portals should be expensive to erect but free to maintain, like each and every other thing in Boundless. I have torches that burn for years… TORCHES!
  • Forcing people into raids is a dumb concept and should be abandoned. Important materials should be obtainable in multiple ways (e.g. additionally farming) and hunts should favor people who tackle difficult fights, not people who form a big raid group.

I’d be happy if a player could have a portal for way less maintenance cost, provided it’s within their own beacons on the same planet. Or hell, within the same beacon.

Sort-of a lesser-portal shortcut thing.

In-fact, that could be a milestone for plots/prestige if anything.

2000 plots = a free portal within that beacon.
Great City = a free portal within that beacon.
Etc. Etc.

Both stacking, that is.


No I feel like it should be almost opposite or at least less so instead of the ones for the big already steady capability people should be put towards lesser folks I think all around it should be decreased
I’m thinking more like town and above

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Sounds neat. Could be fun to come up with a list of what could give a free portal to a player.
I still think it could be nice to have at least +1 of these free portal tokens from Gleam Club.

Wait, I’m confused. You don’t mean that if you manage to get your city into a great city, the game tells you “congratulations, we disabled one of your free portals as a reward!”, right? :rofl:
I guess you mean make it a reward that’s easier to achieve in the prestige ladder?
Like 1000 plots instead of 2000? Town level instead of Great City?

BUT one thing comes to my mind now : how would the game determine which free portal to disable if, say, you lose prestige or remove some plots?
If all the Free Portal Tokens are attributed by Gleam Club, it’s easy, you stop paying your Gleam Club, all your free portals are down.
But if they come from various sources, the game would have to keep track of it like “this one free portal is from the number of plots in the beacon, this one is from the prestige value…”, and I think the devs would never agree to that.

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I think gleamclub should reduce the cost of portals, or atleast give me a free portal, id type more but im on mobile and lazy atm


But what about players that want to still want to be “Free to Play”?

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Well the base game costs like 40$ or something, so they’re looking for a F2P game, they’re in the wrong neighborhood to begin with. :rofl:


Good thing I have money to spend… but there never gonna get a single cent out me!

Or ill not spend money until i feel like i need to… which sadly might be soon

They could add a gleamclub token i could buy with money and put on a shop stand to sell for coin.

Like WoW Tokens or EvE Online PLEX.

Then players with too much fake money and not enough real money can buy my token… giving me fake money for real money and them gleamclub

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Boundless is Buy to Play, which tends to have fewer Pay to Win features like this.

I think for GC, maybe a 20% reduction in fuel cost.

For the tokens, I agree those would have to be one-time acquisition. Maybe one token for completing a quest or something like that and then up to 5 more from the store for cubits?

O I know maybe buy them for say 1200 cubit? And gc gets 50-75% off the cubits for it and also some objectives for like making a portal and such