On Demand Portals

There are many locations in game which could be useful for other players too but where I don’t want to keep a portal open to. One solution is to put a location token in a shop stand. From a consumers perspective this is annoying to use. You have to buy a token, consume it, then return to sanctum and use the right side portal. Unfortunately, on the right side portal the locations are… if there’s an order it’s not an order I understand. And you can’t filter by planet and you might not even remember the name of the location you’ve learn from the token.

Alternatively, it could be useful if we could set up another kind of portal which would just look like the right side portal in the sanctum. Then, we would put a location token (not a portal token!) into this portal. Every other player could now interact with the portal and pay the opening fee in coins (which would match the fee you would pay in the sanctum) to open a one-way portal for 1 minute.

The functionality like this already exists in game. It would just make it way less annoying to warp to some other location.

You could set up one of these to your planets portal hubs. This would only need a location token from the hubs, and would therefore not consume a portal on their side. Instead of keeping a portal open to PS all the time, and trying to find a connection to Ultima, we could have a bunch of these portals and activate whatever warp we need for 100c, without waiting 10s and scrolling through an unordered list.


You could put a warp zone next to locations of interest shop stands and sell warp conduits (temp workaround)

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I always thought 1-way portals would be awesome. Example: portal hub sets up a Destination conduit and sells tokens, then players buy the portal token to set up a portal from their bases to this shared portal. Travel is one way though, and there is no reverse travel back through the portal.

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i like it! I want @james and the entire dev crew like @Leahlemoncakes and others to hear about this! I really want em to add it. it’ll be so cool! There could be ON Demand hubs with ads everywhere to places and the corresponding token (if this was ever made, i would found a major one!)