Advanced lock Guild/Friend filter stuck

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I have most of my beacons aligned and under guild control of a faction of my guild that only contains my alts, this is easy for footfall coin collecting and to give them all perms in one fell swoop.

I just added a storage box with some items in it for a friend and added an advanced lock to it and wanted to give him permission to take stuff out but it wouldn’t let me. The filter keeps being stuck at the Guild members list!

I’ve found another post by Fidach who had similar issues:

Is this really intended behaviour because it seems way too restrictive to me?

What is the reasoning behind me not being able to give a friend permission thru an advanced lock?

Seems to me this is a bug tho, isn’t it?

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I was just reading over this and thinking, it might not be a good idea for a guild worker to be able to give their personal friends permission to guild controlled facilities.

Obviously in your private guild (or faction) it’s not such a crucial issue but there seems to be a bit of trouble with people “sneaking” into guild lists and trolling.

But the beacon owner is normally the one who can change this not anyone else. makes absolutely no sense to even use an advanced lock if this is how it’s supposed to be since the ones you can give access to are all members of the controlling guild! Who then could give themselves access already then…

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@vdragon any idea if this is how it Is suppose to work?

I asked around and can confirm this is working as designed, as some of the comments in that forum topic you linked above have mentioned.

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If it’s a guild controlled building only guild members can use the stuff but guild aligned can be friends or guild members. Makes sense to me. Follows the same roles as beacon controls. Why would a guild want someone not in the guild using stuff in a building meant only for the guild