Advanced locks help

Don’t know if I’m missing some thing, but how do you give friends permission on advanced locks?

Under citizens it has filter: guild, but I cannot find anyway to change that.

On ps4.

It says L2/R2 to change filters at bottom, but pressing doesn’t do anything.

I removes lock and tried placing with the beacon owner, but still same result.

Only beacon owner can set permissions in advanced locks and it’s just a check list as far as I am aware

I used the beacon owner, but only allows me to see citizens filtered by guild.

Is your beacon permissions controlled by guild?

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That’s got to be what’s going on, just tested it myself on PS4. L2/R2 works fine in my personal beacon, won’t work in my guild controlled beacon.

Ah, yes.

So if the beacon is guild controlled I can’t give anyone outwith the guild permissions?

That could be the issue.

Yes guild “controlled” is controlled by guild and for those in the guild. So friends are not added because the beacon is the “guilds” at that point. Guild aligned will allow you to select friends and guild members but not use guild book permissions.

Hmm, seems slightly restrictive I think.

I thought the intention was for the advanced locks to supercede the beacon permissions.

Must of misinterpreted!

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They do, but when a beacon is guild controlled, the guild permissions pretty much supersede the beacon’s. I’m pretty sure it’s working as intended.

Pity, I have a personal guild with all my beacons controlled so that I can centralise coin.

All the footfall coin can be sent direct to guild (plus any other coin I gain on alts), then I can dish it out to whatever alt needs it at the time.

So kinda means I can’t do both!

Oh, well, no biggie.