Advanced Warning - Server Maintenance 23rd October, 09:00 UTC


Servers are back up! Release notes can be found here Release 203: Bomb Augments!

Hi everyone,

We’re planning to take the servers down today at 09:00 UTC to release the next update. We anticipate this downtime should be less than 1 hour, but we’ll keep you updated if anything changes.

Release notes will be posted closer to the time.




Thanks for the heads up!


Very nice! I wanna hear about these new augments! Did Jiivita test them in his video, anyone know? @Jiivita @dave said they were in did you take a look at them?


Am I getting my terminology wrong or is server maintenance =/= an update patch?

Edit: Thanks for the well timed warning.


Server maintenance is anything you do that require you to interrupt the servers from running. Not all maintenances is due to a patch.


Also, this was a fast patch :+1:


This is for the 202 version that’s currently in testing?

If so: awesome!!!


I read the OP wrong anyway and didn’t realise both were in the OP, heh. I was wondering if it was maintenance maintenance or an update and yet there it is staring me in the face now. :grimacing:


Reminder, servers will be going down in approximately 20 minutes!


The end has come! The Titans have claimed the lands and destroyed us all!

For the next hour or so.


Well, hopefully it adds some real content for basic and advanced players. It’s weird when you get in a game that’s been in beta for 4 years and doesn’t even have clothes. Also when you’re running around trying to figure out what to spend your millions on, other than materials to keep your shop going. So much potential but such a shame. Priorities guys


As an Oort, I enjoy running around as nature intended, a fresh breeze on the skin.
Though some t5 and t6 worlds things can get a bit uncomfortable…
One persons priorities are anothers wish list.


I mean, I’m far more concerned with functional content than useless cosmetics, but to each his own.


ye… i wouldn’t set my priorities on clothes too i guess…


Obviously didn’t understand my post. Amazing potential, but all I’m saying is after 4 years they can’t even put basic stuff in the game. Also, new players can reach the end goal in 4 days of playing. Advanced players are stuck doing nothing but restocking a shop and buying more material. Literally NOTHING to spend money on or reasons to play after making a shop. That’s why I say priorities.


Please take gripes with other players to PMs if you must, this is a server downtime announcement thread guys.


What “basic stuff” are you referring to, other than clothes?

I’m also a bit confused on what you consider to be the “end goal.” I started playing at release. I’m at just shy of 500 hours, haven’t hit the level cap (at lvl 49 now,) and I still need a ton more power coils to max out my machines. I understand what you’re saying, I just don’t understand what you’re trying to say.

Edit: Sorry @Steggs101, will do.



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Hugely disappointed to have to close a thread about server downtime.

If you have issues with the game, we want to hear about it - make a new thread so we can give it our full attention.

If you have issues with individuals in the game, take it somewhere else; it does not belong anywhere within this forum, or any of the Boundless social channels.