[After 1.0] Eternal Memories: War of the Oortians

Ever since I’ve been looking at that thread about having a siege system put into the game. I thought, why not turn that into some kind of minigame(or minigames)? That way it would be fun, rewarding, but won’t fully put an impact in the game in terms of rewards.

Remember playing those minigames in runescape? perhaps… stealing creation/castlewars/soul wars/etc… Pretty much any video game that has a variety of gamemodes that are optional to play but rewarding in their own little way!

This thread is still under construction, but will be done once i’m confident that I explained each gamemode well enough.

Rewards are TBA until the devs progress further into the game


will explain the conjoined worlds later


(example for moving stars in the background)

If possible:

  • Crystals spawn in random locations for each game.

If there are any possible changes that you’d think is better (such as a better map / visual effects / etc.) quote this post!



This already seems interesting. :smiley:

Did you do all the Graphics by yourself? Damn… wanna upgrade my YouTube Channel a bit? :smiley:
(There’s nothing much to comment about yet ^^)

Mhmm. I’m still brainstorming the rest since I really suck at explaining things @-@. Timber will be done by tomorrow for sure though. Right now I just wanted to know if making that siege thing into a minigame would be the best solution.

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Awesome illustrations as always mate

i do indeed think that the more extensive pvp gamemodes should be opt in. but its kinda lorebreaking at some things.

also nyuudles feel free to whisper me, i will try to drain as much information out of you as possible. might make it easier to write an explanation if you try to explain it to somebody first :smile:

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Thanks :smiley: I’ll whisp you about the last 2 gamemodes first thing in the morning(it’s like 2AM here :x).

The idea is awesome, I’m still waiting for the devs to confirm what they think happened to the Oortians though.

i hope they dont tell. kinda like dwemer from Elderscrolls universe XD

This looks promising, I’ll keep an eye on this.
Dude, you should be hired for this game at least, really. Much beautyful work for it.

Ca’t wait to see the whole idea :slight_smile:

You’re not a penmaster for nothing.
These are amazing ideas and illustrations, Nyuudles!

actually they were wiped out by the dark elves, the dwemer or ‘dwarfs’ were named dwarfs as they lived in the land of giants (an area of land basically infested by giants you sea in skyrim) anyway they were wiped out in a war for red mountain which is where their capitol was.

maybe. but the dwemer is still kinda hidden lore,

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i hope they dont tell. kinda like dwemer from Elderscrolls universe XD

Or the Forerunners from Halo, the Precursors from Jak & Daxter, the Protheans from Mass Effect (well, the way they are portrayed at the beginning of game 1 anyway)…

But yes, the Oortians are an excellent vehicle for wonder and mystery. :grinning:

We have to avoid going off topic,. but as a last i would like randomly spawned notes, the dev team writing several different sotries (imagine elder scrolls books) and then split all stories up into several notes… so gathering those notes you can slowly piece together an imagine of what the oort race was.

but again, going off topic.

It does paint a pretty picture. lol

Finished Timber! Do tell me what you think and suggest what could be done instead of such and such if you like. :smile:

If you haven’t watched Upside Down, you really should. With low expectations.