In a recent tweet, the Oort Elves replied to a comment about Titans with “You need to harvest their guts, reconfigure them for your own needs, then you’re off off up in the air! #comingsoon” This means that they could soon be adding Airships! In the start, airships will be very basic, with no utilities, weapons, or armor, so I’ve come up with a list of functional blocks and tools to help prepare these ships for inevitable kamikaze dives into Titans.


Winches/Pulleys: These blocks are used in pairs, pulling themselves and what ever they are connected to together. Can be used in cranes, draw bridges, and so on.

Sail Blocks: Simple dyeable blocks that can propel ships on wind power alone. Also could have cool animation to give the affect of billowing sails.

Balloons: These blocks can hold and or lift items off the ground, allowing them to either fly up, or stay stationary mid-air. These could be used for in air mines, decreasing the mass of a ship, or even lifting a ship off the ground. (1 balloon block holds a block with one mass stationary in the air.)

Motor blocks: Technical blocks that can spin extremely fast or simply move back and forth at a command. Can be used with blocks or Propellers (see below) to propel ships a great speeds, or possibly making large machines, at the cost of energy/fuel.

Propellers: Aerodynamic blades that spin when attached to motors. Can be used for ship/fighter propulsion or lift.

Oortian Relic Utilities:

Magnets: Blocks that are attract/repel each other. Could be used to link ships to docks, link ships together, or turn a block of iron into a lethal projectile.

Radar (Tier 1): A block that produces a holographic display of the geographic layout of the area you are in. Each Tier the radar is upgraded with, the more detail about what’s around the ship.

Jet Engine (Small): An interesting artifact from Oortian times, these 1x1 block jet engines produce thrust and are perfect for fighters and scout ships.

Jet Engine (Medium): Giving of significantly more thrust then the small jets, these 3x3x1 would be for mid sized merchant ships.

Jet Engine (Large): The largest of the jets, these are the largest be far at 5x5x2. These can be used for… Uhh… De orbiting a small planet… Or… Moving continents… Up to you really.

Jump Drive: A necessity, the jump drive opens a portal in front of your ship to an either random or pre set world. The portal is open for 100 seconds, giving you time to get your ship through the portal.


Chain Gun: The most basic ship gun, these mounted turrets are on swivel, unloading hot lead in your enemies direction. Does not break blocks.

Cannon (Basic): With very slow manual reloads, these classic cannons make up for it with damage and range. Does break blocks

Harpoon: A deadly piece of hardware, the iron harpoon is mounted in a swivel launcher, and can be connected with a winch to harpoon and then pull in your target. The harpoon will stick into any block that is not stronger then it, such as stone, wood, and so on.

Flame/Frost Thrower: Jets of flame or ice can be thrown at enemy ships, there hulls and sails ablaze or frozen. However, flame/frost throwers have limited range and fuel, both of which can be upgraded.

Hull Ram: A huge blade that can be attached to the front of your ship, allowing you to ram other ships and Titans, doing massive damage. However, the extra weight significantly slows down your ship.

Fire Barrels/ Bombs: Following the same physics of sand and gravel in minecaft, these Bombs would fall down to the ground, exploding on impact. Balloons could be attached to them to create floating mines.

Oortian Relic Weapons:

Beam Turret: A powerful laser turret that can be used to cut apart ships, mining caves, and dismembering Titans.

Ice/Fire Ball Cannon: A cannon that fires ice or fireballs at enemy ships, freezing or igniting the ship in an area.


Plate Armor (Wood, Metal, ect): Similar to half blocks and wall blocks, these plates can be attached to the hull of you ship to protect against attacks from below.

Oortian Relic Shielding:

Kinetic Energy Shield Projector (KESP): A hard light projector that creates a bubble shield around your ship. KESP protects against physical damage, like cannons, chain guns, ect. (Can not be active while ESP is active)

Energy Shield Projector (ESP): A hard light projector that creates a bubble shield around your ship. ESP protects against energy damage, like beams, fire and is. (Can not be active while KESP is active)

Invisibility Projection Shield: Bends light around your ship, rendering it invisible. However, it provides no damage protection.

That is just a few of my ideas I would love to see incorporated into airships with Oort Online. Comment below any ideas you think would add to this.



It would be so epic if we really got zeps we could fly around!

The vehicle system you suggest is almost the same as the one in From the Depths, which I´ve played a lot and is really awesome. But in From the Depths the whole game is based around the vehicle builder/physics so a vehicle system with that comexicity might be a bit too much for Oort.
I think if vehicles are going to come (would make an excellent new founding feature) the devs should look for a more simple system like the one in Robocraft

But +1 for the idea of vehicles (as additional founding goal)

Robocraft is ALSO an entire game focused around vehicles, no? xD

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Yes,this need to be a thing in Oort!!!

One of my other suggestions…

You mean like the Netch in the Elder Scrolls games?

a small one in the new MMO

one from Morrowind that acted as public transportation system

If Howl’s Moving Castle could fly,
that would be my airship.