Alittle something for hunters [Idea]


So, i was thinking, with the trophies and other items that come out of hunting its only use is portals and forging. Alot of the trophies now a days go to waste or sit on a store shelf never selling, what if there was a way to reuse these? A way to craft them into a item to give more loot? or even specific loot drops?..

What i was thinking was, if we use these trophies to craft a item that when used at the end of a T6 meteor opens a bigger portal over the meteor (or near by) and summons a larger version of the mob’s trophies that was used to craft it (obviously with much more hp and dmg). This would give a reason to hunt on other planets and each boss could then have their own loot table to give boss only loot drops and more oort (you know the useful stuff). Along with maybe some augments that could be used to enhance crafting or alter your weapons/tools in another way. It would also give the more ‘committed’ players some challenging content and something to aim for and bring the use of certain rolls into hunts.

Just a idea, was wondering what the community thought of this :slight_smile:


I like this idea 100%


I’d definitely love to have something to use my trophies with. I don’t forge so I’ve got loads of trophies, hundreds of eyes and a stupid amount of blood. I’ve put them on shop stands at discount prices outside my main base but we aren’t in a portal hub or anything so they never sell. I’ve even started a storage unit for hunt loot just in case I want to start forging at some point.


Something like this? (check bottom of first post for trophies) Art: Decorative Totems (Trophies?) and Poles Update! [IMAGE HEAVY!]


I like this idea as well.

In the meantime if anyone plans on crafting the new blocks you can turn 18 trophies into 500 fresh vital essence (a mass craft of the super enriched bonding agent requires 1000 something fresh vital essence). Finally a use for all these cuttletrunk trophies :smile:


No not a decoration but a item that would be used to summon a ‘Boss’ like monster at the end of any level 6 to increase the loot drops and increase the optional challenge for us hunters.