All Crafting Recipes (C++ version)

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You are right, but i can’t see how our two statements contradict each other (that’s how i understand you) ? The sooner something is solved the less problems can it cause.

My original statement that it’s illogical was “for the protocol” only and with “now” i mean the complete EA period not “now” as “Sunday 10.4.2016 17:10”.

EDIT: I changed the wording in the corresponding text section for better understanding.

As many of you have said the crafting in the game is a complete placeholder, and doesn’t relate at all to the design as it will be.

Right this second Simon, and our new guy Marc are discussing the approach for implementing the crafting system for the final game, so things are moving forward. Here is a snapshot of the beginning of the crafting tree. Still WIP, but should give you an idea.

Image removed


Oooh, that’s looks like some great information in there! Cog, Glue, Nails, Ink Extract… I’m liking the look of this!

That’s good to hear, thanks :thumbsup:

How many nodes (items) will the crafting-tree contain ? This seems only like the beginning stages and i’m eager to hear how complex this will become. Is everything build on each other or are there “side-ways” where new path (without an ancestor in the prior tech-level) join into the tree ?

Here is the whole diagram (zoomed out), which includes most of the current recipes, although has some notable exeptions (wearables for example). I would guess this is 75% of the 1.0 recipes:

Bear in mind that this represents the vanilla crafting, but where the real complex comes is in the Forge where you take a vanilla object, and then by using various ingredients you add stats, effects and conditions to create something custom.


I looks like you plan to go the “normal”/old way of wood tools before stone tools. But it always kind of bugged me that you could make tools out of wood which could break stone.
So I’d have suggestion for this “tier” of tools. Why not go directly to stone?
But how do you make the stone tools then? Just as our ancestors would have. By hammering two rocks together. Also known as knapping. Find two rocks laying around on the floor and knap the tools you need.

(Btw this idea isn’t really mine, a MC modpack named Terrafirmacraft already did this to make MC a bit more realistic.)


This post is a godsend.

Interesting idea! Would (most) tools then be composed of a head and a handle?

Could definitely see that as a recipe like 4 rock -> 1 axe head, etc.

Wood tools always did feel pretty pointless in minecraft - you would immediately upgrade past them, and never craft them again


Exactly this! And yes the basic tools would then be head and handle.
I mean technically only the pickaxe and maybe the axe would need to be made like that because only with those you could already aquire more ressources to make more complex tool if that’s what they want to go for.


It is nice to have a consistent set of tools at each tier - players can reason about it more easily

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Good point.
Just wanted to say what would be possible and what not so much^^

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Seems like we’d want loose stone as a block type (maybe just gravel, or replacing it), or the ability to mine stone by hand (very slowly). How did that mod do it?

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In the mod you got sticks from destroying leaves and smaller stones and (normal) sticks were lying on the ground.
You would need at least 2 stones to knapp a weapon/tool head in a sort of “minigame”. Where you had a field of squares you could make shapes out of. I think it’s a 5x5 or 6x6 I’m not sure.
If you failed to make the right shape you would loose one stone and had to do it again.

Also 4 small stones would give a stone block you could place.

edit: A thing that is also nice in TFC, is that you could find small nuggets of a certain ore on the surface just like the smaller stones and you’d know that somewhere around the place in an undefined depth there was an ore vein of that type. But that doesn’t really have much to do with this topic^^ just wanted to add it.


Ugh, @olliepurkiss, that leaked image from you has me, once again, WAY too excited for this game!


what about coal? ive found and mined coal and ive seen nothing yet for recipe using it or list that notes its existence… perhaps im just bad at reading.

if anyone knows anything about coal please chime in~

buggy test runs imo are better, let us test harder

requires a certain type of person to note down issues and actually report them in a legible tactful way, but this i dont mind doing.

im super super hyped for this c++ test servers. looks great and performs wonderful (like 10x better for me)

What server did you find coal on? I know it was on the pre-alpha servers, but I’ve not seen it on the C++ ones yet. I’ve done a fair bit of hill climbing and spelunking and I’ve not run across it yet.

Any chance you can take a screenshot of the block?

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here you go with location coords. theres gleam deposits all around this as well if anyone is lookin.


Nice one! Thanks :slight_smile:

This was actually a mistake. Ores are not supposed to be implemented at the moment. The blocks are actually generated as sapphires but for some reason drop coal when broken. I’m pretty sure there are no crafting recipes using coal currently. If there are it’s probably a bug. But hey, enjoy the leaked coal and semi complete sapphire textures!